Cluster Shutdown while in Space

I just had a notification of one of these ( with no explanation ) I’m not sure if my ship made it into dock in time yet.
I already lost a ship and cargo when my PC crashed. By the time I logged back in it was game over.
What I’m wondering is what happens if you get caught out in space when either of these things happen. Is my experience typical ?
Does your ship appear differently to other players if you’re rudely disconnected making it an easy target ?

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PC crash = server and your ship will keep running like one minute unless it gets hit by something, then it stays ingame.
Cluster shutdown = server will shut down and your ship is safe
After you log in after restart your ship is in safespot warping back near where you were.


Thanks for that, after losing my ship when the PC crashed I was nervous about the cluster shutdown.
I think I need to invest in a new graphics card as the built in one on the motherboard throws a wobbler every now and again.

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Cluster shutdown happens every day at 11am game time, just for future reference

The downtime is usually 10-15 minutes.



To clarify, when you engage in any kind of combat you get a logoff timer. The idea is they don’t want you deliberately quitting in the middle of a fight just to stop yourself from losing. When you lose connection, or log off, your ship attempts to warp away, then it waits out the timer before despawning.


This thread has a lot of info about disconnection and log out timers.

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It is well worth petitioning CCP when your computer crashes, I have had a few ship remains (you only get what didn’t drop) returned when my controls froze for 4+ minutes and I reset. If it was a legit kill, they will explain why and generally how to avoid it. Just make sure you explain what you were doing at the time and at what point things fell apart.


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