I keep getting kicked offline (personal internet issues, not server afaik) for a few seconds while doing missions, and relogging within about a minute. Is my ship vulnerable...?

As title says.

I keep getting tiny hiccups in my home network (pretty sure it’s my side, as my discord client will also have a momentary network error, unless this is something that happens to other people in EVE?)

So I’m not entirely sure I understand the non-capsuleer logoff timer thing (and I especially don’t want to get back into PVP and become a liability as long as this happens to me, but that’s a side issue.), and for that matter never really got it back when I played half a decade ago (never had issues with network back on dorm internet somehow!)

With regards to the ratting/PVE, it’s only happened to me when doing deadspace missions. I get an error on both my windows (have my second account reactivated as a salvaging alt), given a dialogue box only with the option to quit, and have to do so.

However, when I get back, my ship will warp in from, well, nowhere in particular to the mission location. With specific application to my current ratter, a Gila, I was able to appear on-grid with both my drones just sitting still and not being aggroed; before I could reconnect them (didn’t have it mapped, it was only my second or third mission since I got back in the saddle), the enemy started attacking them. To be clear, they did not appear to take any damage prior to me logging back in and warping back to grid (about a minute-ish real time) and they were well within enemy range; for that matter, a minute sitting still would have torched them anyways, let alone brought them below 100/100/100 as they were. Also, I’m preeeetty sure my shield percentage was at about the same point as before I was kicked, but I’m not so sure on that one.

So, tl;dr: keep having network drops, relog, after about a minute out-of-session my ship returns to grid and everything appears to be pretty much where I left it, in terms of my health, drone status (other than being disconnected), enemy health, etc.

Is this specific to missions/deadspace pockets? Or…?

And I also am having these hiccups at all times, not just in mission, so if this is a normal thing for EVE now or something…

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It’s specific to getting disconnected, not to missions or deadspace.

When the server detects that you have disconnected and you are in space, it will attempt to emergency warp your ship, 1 million km in a random direction. You’ll then sit in that spot until any timers (eg. 5 minute non-capsuleer aggression timer) expires and then your ship will be removed from space.

Where vulnerability is a real thing is that when the server attempts to emergency warp you, that warp is still bound by the normal rules of warping. If you are prevented from warping at all (eg. some rat has you pointed), then you won’t warp and you’ll sit still in the site doing nothing but getting shot at.

In that case, there’s a good change you could die, depending on how long it is before you relog.

Aggro on drones might or might not continue in your absence. I can’t remember all of the exact situations, but sometimes aggro will continue against your drones (eg. if you just have to warp out of a site and leave your drones behind), and sometimes aggro will stop all together.

Either way, the main thing is in relation to your ship and and whether it is able to warp or not.

Not for EVE specifically. More an internet traffic thing.

In the top right of the launcher there is a hamburger menu that includes a Network Diagnostics tool.

If you open that, you can run a traceroute to the EVE servers and see all the path that the packets take between your computer to the EVE servers. You’ll see there’s lots of possibilities for issues in internet traffic, depending on where you are located in the World.


Modules that were active will continue to cycle in that case.

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Yeah that’s true.

MWD/AB will keep running, active hardeners will keep cycling, guns that are currently firing will continue to do so until they kill the current target or run out of ammo, etc.

Drones within drone control range, will also keep aggressing targets that aggress you.

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I had a lot of drop-out problems over the winter (a line fault which is now fixed) but didn’t lose a ship or drone while ratting. I did, however, have one instance where I’d had probes out before the outage, the outage extended into the 12 o-clock downtime, and the probes were gone by the time I logged back on.

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yes, when dt occurs, if your probes are out, you cannot reconnect to them when you log back in after DT



This thread here explains what happens to your ship upon disconnect. As for the constant disconnects, that would be an issue with your internet service provider.

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