Multiple dc's "network communication interrupted"

Ever since this evening australia time, 6pm or later I have had multiple instances where the game would lag then dc me shortly after with the following error box message.

"Network communication between your computer and the EVE Online server has been interrupted.

This may be caused by local internet connectivity issues, by a server reboot, or by a temporary network disruption between your location and the EVE Online data center."

First time this occured, a couple of hours before dt it brought some weird glitches to the launcher and the subsequent log in. It has happened twice within a minute just a few minutes ago though but without the luancher glitch or ultra slow logins. However as I was in combat at the time I nearly lost a ship but was able to flee to a station before it could dc me a third time.

During the times this has occured my internet hasnt dropped or slowed, only my connection to eve is affected so I’m guessing its a routing issue, but im not sure.

Just wondering if theres anyone else seeing this and if theres a known way to deal with it?

A quick edit, each time I was dc’d I was undocked and engaging in some form of activity. After the 2 quick dc’s earlier i managed to get into a station and have since been fine and connected without issue

I’ve been getting this error on all 3 of my accounts on a regular basis for months. It happens a lot more if I’m idle but sometimes when I’m shopping or playing around in a station. I don’t recall it happening when I’m undocked and active but it might.

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