Connection to server lost in Australia

Eve has been keeping DC since January. I cant stay connected for 30 minutes.
Other games don’t have this problem (LOL, CSgo, Rainbow six)

I remember this problem happened in October last year but it back to normal very quick.

I’m from Australia, and this is occuring quite often for me. Its really strange, because I know its not a problem with my ISP or Internet/Network hardware - Ill explain why:

Whenever I disconnect, it happens on both of my computers on the network.
When the disconnect occurs, my friend who lives in a different city (in Australia) and who is on a different ISP, disconnects at the same time. It honestly looks like a problem with internet routing from certain countries all of a sudden. Very strange that my friends and I drop at the same time, from the same country. Its getting quite frustrating…

Same here. Notice that everytime it happened, there was a jump in number of players. Sometimes not the case. Would not dare to do any activities beside mining and market ! Frustrating…

yeh got the same issue here in qld get online re warp bact to where i was start playing then 5 mins later lost connection to server happening to me for the last 3 days cant play longer than 10 mins really starting to fkn piss me off wish they had an australian proxy server we can loginto

I have been working through this problem with CCP (GM Chaos) and a couple of Aussies that are also experiencing this issue.

What we’ve found is that whenever cloudflare is rerouting the normal network traffic we get DC’s. So for example when the Brisbane cloudflare server is redirected people in Queensland will have disconnection issues, when Adelaide is rerouted Territorians (Northern Territory) and South Australians will experience DC’s ect.

Eves net code still runs off long lived TCP connections so changes in route will cause DC’s. When cloudflare reroutes this can cause DC’s not only when they start/end rerouting but during. I’m guessing here but I’d assume when rerouting it’s either testing the normal route at intervals or just changing up the reroute pathway. Each time that happens we will get DC’s.

So far the only solution is to get a VPN and set it to Sydney which seems to be the most stable Cloudflare node in Australia.

So in effect because of eves old NetCode most Australians now need to have a VPN to play Eve or suffer DC’s.

Personally I’ll be not renewing my omega accounts and moving onto another game because it only affects eve due to the long lived TCP connections eve uses that no one else does anymore.


Same here in Canada. Happened multiple times in incursions. It seems to happen during grid load or when being targeted by the room.


For those having issues, have you created tickets?

If not, they’ll need this info in a support ticket

Users in affected areas who are experiencing an inability to connect, please submit a support ticket under the Technical category with the following information:

  • IP address
  • ISP name
  • Region location
  • City
  • Traceroute information*

Yup already done the support ticket outlining everything along with back and forth information to CCP along with the findings of mine and the other Aussies testing it and different fixes with me.

Simply replied with eve uses long lived Tcp connections so nothing they can do, contact isp or use a vpn.

I’m from Australia as well. Disconnection issue started 1-2 weeks ago for me, never had such problem in the past. The interesting thing is when I have 1 account on TEST server and another account on Tranquility, the TEST server one stays on while the Tranquility one disconnects. Does it mean it’s not really my Internet connection issue?

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