Server Issues

80% of our corp got a mass DC and can’t get back in?!

same. got dced and can’t connect to tq.

yep me too

Location? Australia or Korea? We are looking into tunnel and/or carrier issues at the moment with our network partners, which started at 12:25 EVE Time.

Edit: It does look like there are some network issues in Australia at the moment.

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Sydney here. Thanx for the update

Yeah east coast Australia, we’re all back in now

Welcome to the NBN. Next time ya’ll visit Ima hand you my laptop, you can see how many jumps you can get before the overlay fails to correctly select the next gate, or clicking jump results in just sitting on the Stargate until you spam the button. I have even had ships just sit at a gate on autopilot refuse to automatically jump through until I manually click the button.

Seriously, at least show 3 digits in the network monitor for the ping, I was wondering why with a 37 ping I was struggling, then I noticed the 3rd digit is rendered on the next line.


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I’m in the USA and currently can’t log in after being booted twice. Something odd is that on the launcher the icon indicating my account’s omega status is not present.

Message says, “A network error has occurred during authentication. Please check your connectivity and try again later.” I’m here and I can go everywhere else on the internet so it’s not connectivity.

At one point when I first got disconnected it got to the game, at least past the launcher, but to this other screen with the artwork of the current expansion where is said something about not being able to connect to port 25000. Something like that.

Edit: Also can’t get to the Support page. “500 Internal Server Error”

It’s not an EVE issue. A lot of websites, services and games have the same problem atm. It seems to be Cloudflare related but that’s not confirmed.

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Big internet outage/Cloudflare issue happening right now.


South east queensland here … still can’t log in or get on discord too

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No connection in the Netherlands as well

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I don’t get it. “80% of my websites don’t work any more and 17 other programs I use, including discord, also croaked it. Lets tag a Developer on the EVE forums about it”.


Whenever you’re confused about something like this, just remember that bit about the average level of intelligence, and how a normal distribution looks like.



How exciting

Nothing happened? Have the servers been working without interruption for the last 24 hours? There is no mention of problems anywhere. @EVE_status twitter for what? Is there anything you would like to tell users? How long have the accounts been in alpha status? Maybe it’s time to start working???

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The caldari and gallente got into such massive npc fighting that it crashed the entire server.

Kidding obviously, apparently a lot of things are having connectivity issues its probably service providers.

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Gallente won btw. Much Caldari salt poured on wound.

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The issue 5 days ago and the issue this morning are not related. Cloudflare has posted a blog on what happened this morning:


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