[Resolved] Connectivity and Authentication Issues - 2020/08/30

Hey guys,

We are aware that players might be experiencing issues with accessing the game or EVE Online accounts on the website. There is also some slowness in-game and disconnects that can affect online players on Tranqulity. We are actively investigating the cause and working on resolving the problems as quickly as possible.

I will keep you posted with updates in this thread. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Our services look healthy but we keep monitoring the situation as a handful of players continue having difficulties logging in to EVE Online or receiving their verification codes. Please bear in mind, that some odd behavior might be caused due to the CloudFlare incident.

Our SSO and Database have fully recovered now. Players should now be able to log back in to the game and use our services on the website. I am going to hang around here, so please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues.

The problems are ongoing with online player numbers decreasing and other pilots unable to log in to EVE Online or their accounts on the websites. Our SSO and database is slowly recovering but there are still some errors that our team is looking into.

Updated the main thread to better reflect the range of issues players may be experiencing right now.


… tsk

image Ban the Dots! The END is Nigh!


Ha! Was fine and laughing at everyone…

Then it happened to ME!



hmm… can u extend the omega sale… was trying to plex my guys before sale ended at downtime?

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I still have 4 logged in :slight_smile:

But, 5000 have dropped in last 15 mins or so

image Ban the Dots! The END is Nigh!

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My account was logged in, playing and chatting and suddenly the game desynched but Chat did still work for obvious reasons. Then it times me out so it’s not just accessing the game, it’s also booting people who are logged in.

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That is what just happend to me in the ■■■■■■■ Abyss.

Launcher sais: (“Message”:“An error has occured.”)

If I swap to singularity then it loads and back to tranq
Could not be authenticated

and if I try bypass the launcher completely it sais incompatible build.

Not sure if any of this will help

image Ban the Dots! The END is Nigh!

Давайте все вместе, сервер логина включись.

Have a war dec starting in 15 mins, hmmm :thinking:

image Ban the Dots! The END is Nigh!

I hope you don’t mean 5000 of your alts

Not today

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500 more gone

I think this is a new event. Log into the server.

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More like, last one out turns off the lights…

Thanks… I was logging in to both sets of alts on my 3 accounts in the past 2-3 hours, everything seemed fine… but then when trying to log back in on my mains for the first time in 12 hours, all 3 of them were having chat system issues. One had blank local and corp chat (all the other channels were gone, but that issue was happening on Saturday morning as well, but usually the channels reloaded eventually).

The other 2 mains had blank everything. I decided to relog by doing a logoff and then back in to the same 3 toons (usually I just quit out entirely before logging in different characters, as I’ve read the patch notes enough since that feature was added to know some unintentional consequences can result… but since it was the same toons, figured why not try it).

This time the toon with just local/corp still had just local/corp, still blank (no system name, no characters listed, etc.)… but the other 2 had just local. corp and all the other channels had just disappeared from the UI. I clicked the “chat” button and every channel they had been in was now listed twice, but I couldn’t bring them back up by clicking them there or by ctrl-tabbing till they came up.

Anyway, this was all very crazy, so I quit out entirely, intending to log back in with a fresh try from the launcher. Now all 3 accounts say they need to revalidated. I had logged in 4-5 times over the past 18 hours, I’d say, with no problem. but okay, I click “add account” as the launcher is telling me to, I have to relogin all 3 accounts with username and password, I get the security code in my email, etc. etc…

My 3rd account will not verify. So no matter what I now do I can’t get it to launch. The other 2 are launching to character select, but I’m trying to get on to move assets of all 3 mains, so it doesn’t help to have 2 right now, I need all 3.

I’m validating the cached folder right now (60% done), I tried logging in to the website with the 3rd account, nothing’s working. I couldn’t even try to re-login with username/password anymore on the 3rd account in the launcher, so I (gulp) hit “remove account” from the settings to try and re-add it back in and see if that would work. Nope. “An error occured.” Totally trapped out on 33% of my EVE life. (oh, and I can’t even log that 3rd account into the website still, so I can’t make a support ticket on it… should I make a support ticket on one of my other two accounts (different email, unfortunately)? jeez… decisions, decisions)

Please, please… downtime… fix this. ;_;


Think about the hamsters CCP.

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