Launcher Error / Inability to Authenticate - 2020/08/30

Cant log in , “can not be authenticated” error

same error

Same here - as per other thread.

I got the same error, booted my pc and cannot login. was working fine yesterday, I can’t do a fresh login the eveonline webseite either. Glad this tab still has an authenticated session cookie. :confused:

Same here ! even on internet it was down 10 minutes ago saying on maintenance but been able to connect from internet but launcher still down :grimacing:

Thanks for reporting in, guys. We are aware of the problems preventing some players from accessing the game. Our team is investigating the root cause of the problem. I will update you whenever there is a progress.


Same thing!

Moreover, “New Eden store is unavailable”. One of my characters is still logged in from the last evening, and I tried to use unannounced Game Time discount (mentioned only in the CCP twitter), but…

Got kicked out, can’t rejoin.

You mean the one mentioned in the launcher.

Fantastic i’m about to lose my ship in the abyss because i cant login.

Happy to see I am not the only one with this issue .
Try to delete from the launcher and add it again
result : " an error occcured"

Nothing in my launcher.

Nor mine

image Ban the Dots! The END is Nigh!

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got kicked out of the game too and cannot login anymore. hope I dont loose my ship : (

Also experiencing the same issue… :dizzy:

Let’s move the conversation into the main thread about today’s issues. Thank you.