Launcher Error / Inability to Authenticate - 2020/08/03

We have become aware of an issue preventing players from authenticating via the launcher as of 15:40 GMT. We’re currently looking into this issue and we will let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Updates will be posted here as well as on the EVE Status twitter.

Update: We should now be back and accepting connections as of 16:09. Some of our web services should be coming back online for login within the next few minutes.

You are cleared for flight o7

Update: All services are now functional as of 16:20 GMT


Nice. I hate twitter.


There is nothing on the Twitter page about it…

Just as FYI, opened the LogLite tool and trying to add an account back on I am getting this warning message:

"warning: The resource was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window’s load event. Please make sure it has an appropriate as value and it is preloaded intentionally. 0 "

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I was just about to post that I have an issue.

{“Message”:“An error has occurred.”}

^ Black text on the launcher right after trying to log in.

Also, the launcher process hangs in Task Manager when it’s closed.


Forum thread comes first, I juuust put up the twitter post.


Same here…I was in the game, logged out to switch to another character, and BOOM. Well done CCP.

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@CCP_Aurora Did you break it? VINDI IT Guy btw; I heard you were looking for me.

Experiencing the same thing.
Can’t log to EVE account management either.
Verification code times out and I get the same “Message”:“An error has occurred.” there as well.
Different computers don’t work.
Deleting cookies won’t work either.

The error is also occurring when trying to login to (particularly returns: {“Message”:“An error has occurred.”}).

Hope you guys can figure it out soon!

Maybe a simple auth server reboot?

The server guys are madly kicking the guinea pigs or whatever it is they do as we speak.

Edit: Hamsters. That was the animal I was looking for.


Well there’s your problem, wrong ground-dwelling mammal.


Damm, real life strike back

Haha thanks for the quick replies. Hoping it’s a simple fix.

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It also says to Add Account and re-enter login credentials, but that’s not working for me either.

“An error occurred.”

(Meaningful error dialogue of the week!)

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But but the fights


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Same here all access methods error so desktop launcher, account management login and the app.

rip eve online, broken again to never be fixed.

We should be back in just a few minutes here if all goes well :slight_smile:


Thanks for your attention on this.