Launcher authentication issues

Hey there! As of this morning i am unable to authenticate any of my accounts in launchers on 3 different devices. Is there something happening with the servers?

Same problem here. WTF?

Got same problem, can’t log in with the launcher

Same for me, can’t log in alpha and omega account

I am having problems also. Three different accounts and none working. Cannot log in. Cannot go to account management. Tried and Iceland VPN and still cannot log in. Acts the same way as last time you had a DDOS attack. No Eve today perhaps. Sunday and day off to. Pfftttt.

Same. Game was lagging so restarted Eve, now account won’t authenticate.

Same here , location germany. can`t login any account. authentification error all the time!

I cannot see a DDOS attack on any of the websites I know to look at. Maybe none going on right now. Still it is acting the same way as it did before, and I really am not as computer literate as I would like to be.

Same story, location Russia. Can’t login in the game and mobile assistant.

same here


Same here, location Sweden. Authentication issue, and next time I try I get ‘Check your connection’, and next time Error 503 etc etc.
Very frustrating indeed.

That’s why i Pay Omega account : not being able to play during my weekend.

Thanks .Great job.

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I’m getting the following:

{"Message":"An error has occurred."}

Is this the same as for you guys?


It’s the legacy code!

Check cloudflare status, all around the world are issues , but only partially, if you got issues like getting disconnected after a few seconds or minutes or cant log in it could be couse of that. leads to connection problems to different games, apps and services (eve and discord on my side are so far the only services which are completely out of service.)
well… lets wait and hope ^^

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