[Resolved] Connectivity and Authentication Issues - 2020/08/30

Today is the day of compensation, add 5 days of omega to me. I am still trying to pass the event by logging into the server.


While we might not be able to immediately extend the sale today we might do a 24hr flash sale next week. Going to ask around and I will let you know.

  • Launcher not working
  • 3rd party tools (EveMON) not working (“EVE SSO error…”)
  • New Eden Store not working ingame (“currently unavailable”)
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Anyone think a DDOS attack of some sort. Multiple reports of disconnects on Blizzard Overwatch servers/ WoW servers now too.

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is eve being hacked again?

Some bigger internet malfunction.

Hamsters on STRIKE!


thump disconnected servers in the usa???

I cant login to play :frowning:

Wouldn’t be surprising

w.o.w hs the same problems

Discord is having issues as well so its a possibility

Same :frowning:

Ccplz you need to Fix up the servers.We dont want to face issues every month.Please move the chat to old systems.And we need some compensation for the issues.

I guess 5000 of the online users… think…

You are not alone in here.


That would be nice, I was also about to plex some accounts.

WOW, I even see peoples posts vanishing.


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so nice to see accounts being plexed at the time eve went off, lol