Unable to connect today (Port 26000 issue)

I was playing fine last night, but big connection issues today to eve online. Already fully reset my modem router too… Please see image below. thank you!


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I am also experiencing this error, beginning around 4-5 hours ago.

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Yo GR, thanks mate for the fast reply. UPDATE: I JUST GOT IN, RIGHT NOW.

Also thanks for the data point of im glad its not just me! Of that it is affecting others.

Please update me of try logging in, i just got into the game!!! wow :open_mouth:

Same here, have been trying for the better part of four hours now. And you want how much to play as a omega player?? Seriously??? Awe come on man…

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Okay so WHAT WAS the omega price increases and plex price increases? I heard about that major news recently, especially people ranting about it on the general forums.

Gold Fingure try logging in again. I AM FINALLY IN GAME, after no connectivity for 8 hours…

Just made it to the black screen of frustration, is there hope? Not counting on it…
Time 6:47 pm date 8/12/22. Stopwatch going.
And connection to server lost! Epic fail…

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Lol! Yep. Down again for me too. I did get to play for about 20ish to 30 minutes, haha. Of updating some market orders. But now its down again of back to the same problem…

DOWN AGAIN! Please any update from ISDS and GMs and CCP??? on this issue?

OFFICIAL REPLY FROM A GM, about the issue! :::

GM Ruinista (EVE Online)

Aug 13, 2022, 01:54 UTC

Hello there, GM Ruinista here.

Thank you for contacting EVE Player Experience.

While our server is working correctly it appears that players from your region are affected by some sort of ISP outage. Although there isn’t much that CCP Games can do to fix these kinds of issues, due to now owning the affected network infrastructure, we are still working to see if there is anything we can do on our end to solve this.

I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing, and I kindly ask you to try to log in again in about half an hour or so. If you need further assistance please let me know.

Best Regards,
GM Ruinista
CCP Player Experience EVE Online


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I’ve been having the same problem today. I’m in the US and for me tranquility.servers.eveonline.com hits a Cloudflare POP in San Jose (you can tell from the “colo” field in https://eveonline.com/cdn-cgi/trace).

I can traceroute to the Cloudflare endpoint just fine, but when I connect to tranquility.servers.eveonline.com 26000 there’s no handshake from the Eve server.

This is not a problem with my ISP, it’s a problem CCP needs to raise with Cloudflare as their customer.


Hi Indu, thanks for the reply and data point. Yep I am near you IRL of we both will probably have the same issue.

INDU, TRY logging back in again!

UPDATE:::: just logged in, got BACK IN GAME. reporting in from Nor Cal, USA, North america.

I’ve been able to connect briefly but then I’m always disconnected again after a few minutes. :frowning:

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I am fully back in game right now, but trying to update check my market orders seems to mess it up. of they stop loading…

Down again… LOL xD this is so dumb. i think the ingame market is crashing the game. of viewing market details fetching orders on certain items never loads…

Same problem here. I re-installed the game and did all the troubleshooting and nothing helps. I’m in California and been unable to log in all day.

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I am also experiencing this issue. Also, in Northern California.

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I experienced this lost connection, unable to connect issue since the release of this week.

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Cloudflare had some trouble in SJC earlier today and they claim it’s been fixed for ~9 hours Cloudflare Status - but apparently something is still busted there and maybe it’s specific to CCP. Probably not CCP’s fault but I think we need their help to get to the bottom of it. :frowning:

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Cloudflare Status - Performance issues affecting Gateway Resolver for requests reaching San Jose. This seems to support what many people are saying, but it says it was “resolved” hours ago.

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