Packet loss and disconnect

Disconnect after 100% packet loss between Cloudflare server and Kazakhtelekom server. It’s happening randomly. I just tested it out in PingPlotter to figure out that packet loss is related to disconnect. Here is the video.

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Yah with a global game like EVE quality of connection varies based on your internet plan.

I rarely disconnect from EVE probably because I am in the US.

Recommend reviewing:

before contacting support:

Yeah this is an issue with your international routing, your geolocation isnt exactly known for stable internet, as most internet connections went through either Russia or China.

You would need to contact your ISP and ask them if they can improve the situation.

Another way is to find a stable connection to a vps provider (outside your region) , install wireguard vpn server on it and then connect to cloudflare/eve via this vps.

this forces your packets to take another - more stable - route than the default.

If you need support, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m in the US and its the poor coding Eve Devs use for connectivity and their servers. I have no issues with any other large MMO its only Eve and its the coding that causes these issues. The Devs will always blame others rather than admit they made the mistake. Each time I get disconnected from Eve I run a speed test and packet loss test to see if its on my end and it isn’t. I also believe they have major issues with AMD.


Agreed. I’ve been having this issue on and off for years, the few times contacting CCP went nowhere. I never have connection issues in any other game, just EVE Online.

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