Frequent Disconnection

CCP = Constant Connection Problems

The occasional disconnection started becoming more noticeable from October. Then since December I don’t think I have gone a day without disconnecting, until today where it became unplayable.


It would be good if you could also provide some helpful information here:

From which country do you connect to the server?
Which ISP do you use?

Have you already used the network diagnostics of the launcher and possibly also created a bug report?

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Did you consider that if it were a CCP problem the forums would be flooded with clown posts like this? Beyond that might you consider that it’s in fact you, your ISP or the routing from your ISP to CCP?


Try using a VPN (not a free one).

As @Aisha_Katalen pointed out, if the problems were with CCP’s EVE servers, Help Chat and these forums would be filled with reports.

Your connection to EVE servers depends on your PC, your home internet setup, your local ISP, and every hop across every hub between you and the Tranquility servers in London. Your best bet is to start figuring out how to determine which part of that looooong connection chain is messing up.

One place to start is here:

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I used to have frequent disconnections and “socket closed”. Constantly was checking my internet for issues but there never really were packet loss. Eventually i found the root cause.

My absolute garbage AMD system with an R5 3600 at the time, slight RAM instability (didnt even show in memtest) giving juuuust enough errors that caused constant Socket Closed with Eve and nothing else. Nothing wrong with the RAM sticks, its AMDs memory controllers which are known to be bad.

The errors increase over time with the degradation of the memory controller in the CPU

Eve seemingly is especially sensitive to minor memory issues which dont affect other games in a notable way.

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I dont get any disconnection with any of the other online games and my pc is 8 years old.
But I’ve only been disconnected from EVE once. I don’t make it a big deal unless I can’t log back in.
Where’s the problem? It’s anyone’s guess.

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