Connection issues, Western Australia

Keep getting DC from eve in the last few weeks, sometime gets better, today though its like every 20mins.
I have disabled QOS, no firewall, tried VPN, nothing works.

Anyone else having problems? I know about the UK problems, kinda sounds like the same.

Same in South Australia
Disconnect 5 time in 30mins

so not just me then, nothing else DC, just eve or im guessing its a telstra issue seeing as well all use there ■■■■ network.

Same in Queensland.
I just returned to the game a few weeks ago and there hasn’t been a single day without frequent and random disconnections.

Same here. Constantly DC’ing. Idk what is going on, but I am sure getting sick of this game. I cannot stay connected for 5 minutes!! This has been going on for weeks, some nights worse than others, but I never escape a session without a DC. Fleet is too dodgy, solo is a no go haha Potato mode FTW, no sound :frowning:

think i will give it another week and if it doesnt improve then im done, paying for 4 acc’s that you cant use is just crap.

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