Not so long ago when my PC disconnects and the internet is unavailable, my ship would warp away by itself like a log out but recently whenever this happens somehow Eve keeps you connected for everyone to take a free shot at. Is this going to get sorted out cos it seems that one recent patch or another started this being the norm for a DC to wake up in a pod even though there was no one on grid when the DC happened ?

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Lost a Muninn to NPCs due to DC. Could have sworn that couldn’t happen, but now I know. Sucks.

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Just flying 1 mil ships til they fix it

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I had a similar case, NPC site, situation “red” and then DC. I made it back after 10 mins to find my ship in a safe pos, apparently warped away during the DC, i lost only the drones.
That happened a few days ago, long time after the last official patch.

I tested last night in my trusty Probe, found that if I manually disconnect it warped me away. But I sat there for about 30sec before it left. I had a friend sit there and watch me when I did it.

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