What happens if disconnect happens when in the middle of a fight?

Last night I was clearing a conduit, my tank was pretty low, then server disconnect happened.
After quick reconnect I found my drones in bay, my ship warping back to the pocket, at same shield/armor values when disconnect happened.
My ship is quite expensive for a person who plays alone, I cannot afford to lose it since its more than a month of really devoted conduits grind.
Please dont post those 10 Rules, I know about those, I just see no reason flying in T1 frig and still pay subscription.
Conduits is only way for casual high-sec player to get out of poverty in acceptable time frame.
So I’d like to know how the game handles disconnections, is it forcefully returns my drones to the bay, then warps me out, why it cant be abused by killing Eve process from Windows task manager, and all things related.
Official answer from CCP would be nice too.
Thanks in advance.

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You will generally be logged off after 30 seconds unless you have an engagement timer (NPC or player). First I’ve heard of drones automatically being recalled!

If you disconnect, your ship attempts to recall drones and “emergency warps” to a random spot 1 000 000 km away where it will wait until the logout timer expires and you are removed from space. If you log back in before your ship is removed from space, you will then warp back to your original spot upon login.

This usually works to save your ship for most easy-ish PvE, but if you are in Bastion mode (Marauder) or warp scrambled/disrupted by NPCs, you will not warp away and they will continue to shoot you and you might probably explode. Also, you can be scanned down by players while you wait to log out in the emergency warp spot and be engaged with by players as per the normal rules of engagement for the sector of space you are in.

It isn’t really abusable as it does nothing you can’t do already - recall drones and warp away. It just issues those commands for you if there is a disconnect.


If you’re scrammed, rats and players can, and will, keep shooting you till you die. Now, it is sometimes possible to get reimbursed for a lost ship, but only if they know for certain that the disconnect was caused by a problem on their end. If they don’t know what caused the problem, they won’t reimburse you -which they do in order to prevent abuses like the one you mentioned.

Also, you know I’m going to say it, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. You’re going to get burnt sooner or later. Anyway, I don’t know how much isk grinding you’re doing, but needing a month to pay for that ship seems way off. Personally, I’m of the opinion that if it takes more that 10 hours of isk grinding to pay for your PvE ship, then something is wrong. You either need to train your skills, theory craft/research a better fit/ship, improve your execution, and/or find another career. I know you’re a casual player, and probably don’t want to do a crap ton of research to figure this stuff out, but spending a little more time on your planning can save you a lot of time later by improving your isk efficiency and reducing the time required to replace losses. I look at like a case of instant gratification versus long term reward. Besides, there are tons of guides and resources out there, so it’s not like you have to figure it all out by yourself.


I’m flying on Scorpion Navy Issue, bought some green modules too. I did a reserach and decided to buy this ship because it has bonuses to resists and big shield, armor-based ships wasnt an option since they need to be repaired and this needs cap, while trigs do cap-neut. Also, I decided missiles would be best since trigs are armor-tanked and thus most likely weak to explosive. So, Amarr and Gallente are not the best solution, while Minmatar have weaker shields.
I just need to know when to warp out. If there would be no connection loss I’d warp out right when shield tank is broken and ship starst to take armor damage, now I guess I need to warp out at 30% shield, thus giving me time frame to mitigate possible disconnect.
Skills are mostly at 3-4 in Shields and Missiles section. I was flying Gallente all the time and was fine.

There may be some variable or upgrade from what was before. I’ve had one of my Marauders in Bastion when a DC hit, immediately logged in (about 2 minutes) and found my ship still in Bastion with armor repairing still active. Surprised me a lot. Also had a case about 3 months ago where following a DC and about a 3 minute delay for reconnect, I found my previously bastioned Marauder warping back from some apparent safe spot to where I disconnected. Perhaps I had been able to stop the Bastion before DC, but I don’t think I did. Anyway, better to plan for the worse and be pleasantly surprised if something better happens.


So you know you shouldn’t be flying what you can’t afford to lose (very much including being able to afford it mentally / emotionally - that being most important).

You will lose that ship eventually, and it seems highly likely you will then ragequit. You probably will blame the game.

You almost certainly won’t get an “official” dev response on this here on the forums. You already specifically declare how you are willfully ignoring a basic principle of this game that CCP itself has been telling EvE players for many years. You could probably submit a support ticket with this question, although it would probably be triaged to very low priority. Eventually they might send you a polite response telling you the same things you have been told in this thread.


Yes, that is probably exactly what will happen if or when I lose this ship.
Nevertheless, I am very cautious capsuleer, dont do PvP or LowSec at all, except very rare lowsec ratting when bored way too much, and I can count ships I lost since very beginning on one palm’s fingers:

  • catalyst lost in lowsec longest time ago;
  • BC lost to Atomic mission when it was introduced;
  • Mackinaw lost when FOB pirates was introduced, reimbursed, but ragequited anyway for 1 year or so;
    Disconnect is only thing that can wreck me. I need to learn how to mitigate this risk.
    If the game warps me out of pocket immediately when disconnect happens, its a good thing.
    If the game waits 30 sec, and only then warps me out, then yes I need to adjust my strategy on conduits, or quit doing it at all, and do something else, or find another game.
    Or, apply to corp and run conduits with mates.

Honest question: why are you still playing EVE? You have successfully removed all chance of failure when doing the only content you’re interested in, and you refuse to challenge yourself by doing anything that you aren’t guaranteed to succeed at. What exactly are you getting out of farming the same menial task over and over again?

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Is official from 2004 good enough?

It’s been in game for a long time.

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Disconnects are why I stopped using Geckos.

This was tested in Burner missions and posted on forums in March 2017.

Impact of Disconnect:


  1. Log off detection: If you log off manually, the server immediately declares you logged off and you drop from fleet and disappear from local. If you get a disconnect (that I simulated by simply turning off my wifi), the server declares you logged off exactly 4:15 later. I know 4:15 is an odd number, but it was perfectly consistent across numerous runs.

  2. Module functionality prior to log off: Until the server declares you logged off, ALL modules continue to function as you left them and your ship continues following your last command. Your guns will continue to fire until they run out of ammo. Obviously, this only applies to a disconnect since log off is immediate if done manually.

  3. Module functionality after log off: Once the server declares you logged off, all offensive modules, to include guns, webs and scrams immediately deactivate. However all other tested modules, to include shield boosters, armor reppers, hardeners and prop mods continue to function until the 5 min aggression timer elapses.

  4. Ship status if pointed: If you’re scrammed (2 points) OR disrupted (1 point), you stay in the mission pocket after log off until the 5 min aggression timer elapses (with all defensive and prop mods functioning). At that point, you simply disappear from grid. If you log back in before 5 min elapses, you come back to your ship in the pocket just as you left it with defensive modules and prop mods functioning and the ship following the last commands given.

  5. Ship status if NOT pointed: If you are NOT scrammed or disrupted, then you immediately align and auto-warp out of the pocket as soon as the server declares you logged off (which happens immediately in the case of a manual log off or 4:15 later in the case of a disconnect). If you log back in before 5 min elapses, you subsequently auto-warp back into the pocket - at which point, defensive modules will continue to operate, but prop mods will not be active and your ship will come to a stop.

  6. NPC actions: The NPC continues to engage as long as your ship is on grid regardless of your log in status. It moves back to the mission beacon once you disappear from grid or auto-warp away.

  7. Actions when aggression timer elapses: The 5 min aggression timer begins when the server declares you logged off. When it elapses, you ALWAYS disappear from space regardless of where you are (at the auto-warp point or in the mission pocket) or whether you’re being scrammed or disrupted. This means that, in the case of a disconnect, it takes exactly 9:15 to disappear from space (4:15 for the server to declare you logged off plus the 5 min aggression timer). In the case of a manual log off, it takes 5 min to disappear.

  8. Logging back in: If you log back in after the aggression timer elapses, you reappear at the acceleration gate with all modules deactivated. If you log back in before the timer has elapsed, you either rejoin your ship in the mission pocket (if pointed) or auto-warp back into the pocket (if not pointed).


In 80% from 100% of cases - BooM! BoooooooM! BooM! … gf, GF, gf, gf, gf,gf ,gf <3 gf Pheeewwwww! - “A new clone activated!”

After some consideration I can say I mostly agree with suggestions up above. I’m not sure if I’m ok losing this ~2.5B ship and fit, 1 month worth of grinding, just because some time somewhere on the Internet there will be 5 sec congestion between my PC and EVE server. The main thing is control, and if this control is taken away from me to a point that I cannot foresee and act according to situation, its just not worth the risk. So I cancelled sub and switched to alpha alt, but its boring as hell mining for 300k/hour… So I guess yall are right, this game is not for everyone. I definitely not paying to just fly in all T1 frig while major PvE is locked behind skills/ship/fit requirements.

May I please have your stuff @Bonnie_Peebles ?


It isn’t locked. You’re just terrible at EVE.

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You mean skills/ship/fit requirements will just appear out of thin air?

Well that’s BS

Those requirements are nowhere near the nonsense the OP is claiming, where they “need” a 2.5 billion ISK ship to do PvE.

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Those requirements would also not be releveant if there would be no pvp allowed in high…

But this easy solution is out of question eh?