I will rescumscribe if CCP refunds my 2 ships

I lost 2 ships due to DCing from the server while in abyssal sites. If you made it this far you must be saying, OP, your internet is crap, dont blame CCP and you’ll probably quote that and say /thread. WELL Let me tell you something, since I quit eve online months ago guess how many times I have DCd while in other games? drumroll. 0 times, thats right zero times. But somehow its my fault I coincidentally DC during a strict PVE encounter. I think its some conspiracy to keep ship prices even or something. Anyways, if you, CCP refund my 2 ships I will return. Think of it as a buyback fee. Whats the difference between be buying plex with IRL cash and selling for isk and you giving me back my ships for my credit card info? There’s no difference.

I should add, after reading the forums, it seems like CCP is having trouble with DDOS lately, well this was at least a year ago so its not related to their current problems…

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How many of those were single sharded databases with centralised servers, as opposed to distributed systems?

EVE is what it is and the underlying infrastructure and network of the web isn’t something CCP controls. If they start replacing ships for any DC, not related to CCP server issues, then they’ll have to replace so much that loss won’t mean anything in the game.

So like everything, it’s a trade-off between what CCP can control and what they can’t.

But if you are only going to rescumscribe if CCP replaces 2 ships, then ■■■■ right off.

Nothing of value is lost by you not paying to play.


Preach brother, next opinion

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After a certain point, drinking and posting don’t mix.


I think you should just stay un-scum-scribed.


are you going to pay for the ships?

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I don’t think you can undo that.


Ah ok, thanks for the tip




You can stay gone kid, I’ll subscribe another alt account to make up for you. :slight_smile:



Some people say EVE is full of toxic scum, OP seems to agree with them. :upside_down_face:

Some years ago I realised there are multiple ways, some of them rather silly (e.g. while flying through empire space with bad standings), in which I could lose my ship because of a DC, and that I wouldn’t be reimbursed for dropped items even if the cause of the problem wasn’t on my end. To me that’s a major flaw that at the time made me consider quitting EvE.

I finally decided that I would keep playing and simply take the possibility of a DC into account when deciding which risks I’m willing to take and which not, e.g. I may decide to simply not run abyss sites at all if I’m unwilling to take the risk of a DC happening while running them.

I do still consider this a major flaw and a valid reason to not want to play EvE, but what I wouldn’t do is start a silly, childish, whiny thread on the forums “threatening” CCP to quit the game if they don’t reimburse the ships I lost, much less invent some ridiculous conspiracy theory about them doing it on purpose…


Drugs and posting should never mix ever. Don’t do drugs, not even once kids.


Since you’re using an anecdotal fallacy argument, I will too; I have discoed from EVE zero times in the last two months. As you disco’ed twice, it must be you.

Bye…don’t come back.


Losing stuff for whatever reason is part of the game. It’s part of the fun of the game.

If you cannot cope with the given situation, revise your risk assessment.

In my view, CCP shouldn’t do any reimbursements at all. None at all. For whatever reason.


Another person who refuses to accept that bad luck exists.


Thanks, I needed a laugh to kick start this cold winter morning.


It’s easy…

There is no ‘right’ for a refund.

Every refund given is just because of the goodwill of CCP…

Read the eula dude you own NOTHING in this game,you just buy the permission of CCP to log into the server and that’s all.

All you do and earn ingame still belongs to CCP you are just allowed to use it as long as you pay.

And as an alpha you have even less rights…

That’s the bottom line…

And threads like this will not help in getting a refund btw…


They are already reimbursing autopiloting gila ganks in hisec.

He acutally has a legit reason for a ticket, if they denied it its probably because he was a dick in that ticket.