Abyssal site -- should we get refurbishment when we lost connection

during farm abyssal site and then you lost connection. once you logged back you died because you was run out of the boundary. lets discuss is that reasonable to have refurbishment under this circumstances. or should ccp republish a new refurbishment policy to abyssal site because this new gameplay are quite different than the others ?

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No. CCP should not be held accountable for your ISP or your system.

If it was a server crash then maybe there is some argument for reimbursement. However, should be handled on a case by case basis by the GM team anyway.

First rule of EVE, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.




  1. “accidentally” pull the Ethernet cable every time you think you don’t make it
  2. ???
  3. Get ship reimbursed



Gila BPO from CCP?

CCP GM most often than not reimburses your loss in abyss when its connection lost. I think they said something like:

“We understand how it is to lose your blinged out gilas and pods. We dont want to be bad people. Please, forgive us that we made abyssal space in such a way. Triglavians forced us. They keep our hakarl hostage.”

I may not remember correctly tho. :wink:


No. Go away.

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I don’t think that ship loss in the Abyss should be reimbursed.

BUT, some people (myself included) have crappy internet and are unable to do anything about it. How about if a disconnect simply threw you out of the abyss? With an empty cargobay and maybe heavy armour / hull damage?

After my second loss of a bling ship and pod to the ASDL gods saying “no” I haven’t been back.

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So CCP are to be blamed for your crappy internet?
Can you imagine the ammount of people who now will just kill their net once they see that they cant complete a site in time?

In general, no, they shouldn’t. But most of the time they do anyway, and I kind of don’t have a problem with that, unless it happens again and again.

I just lost connection last week because my modem restarted for some strange reason. Had about four minutes left on the clock, and already expected my ship to have been destroyed. Luckily, two minutes later I could connect again, finish site and get out, but in situations like this I understand that you want to ask GMs if they can’t reinburse your loss

With a reinbursement rate that trended over 80% last year you are more likely than ever to get a loss reimbursed so why even make this post?

cause I had requested reimbursement for 4 times by the same reason and none was been reimbursed :rofl:

Hopefully it will be possible to find out where the connection was cut off along the data route. You will have grinded for a long time or spent a reasonable amount of real life cash on plex/isk in order to purchase the bling fit so it makes sense that CCP would be cool about reimbursement for losses where the player wasn’t responsible for the disconnect.

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