Daily reminder - if you have any doubts about your internet connection stability, don't take the risk of Abyssal Deadspace

I didn’t have many doubts, I have a stable, fiber, cable connection, but then it happened. Risk (connection stability) / reward ratio is not worth it.

Thank you for contacting EVE Player Experience.

I’ve reviewed the server logs surrounding the loss of your ship. Unfortunately the loss was not the result of a server-side error or a verified bug and is therefore not eligible for reimbursement according to our reimbursement policy.

Our reimbursement policy is very strict and we can only offer reimbursement when the loss occurs due to a server-side error or a verified bug. I hope that you will understand my position and why I am unable to grant this reimbursement. I also hope that you will recover swiftly from this loss.

I have an ok connection, went in 3 times lossed 2 times, meh, not for me because I stink at abyss.

Well, this is the same as saying “dear WoW GM, we were in the middle of running a 24 man raid when my connection died and we wiped, I am sure we would’ve finished the raid if I hadn’t disconnected though, and I’m also sure I would’ve gotten the best gear from this dungeon. Please send me the gear to my mailbox.”

If you have a crappy connection, in almost any game where you need to be online, your game will suffer for it. Dota 2? Yes, if you dc in the middle of a team fight, you’ll probably lose it and die. Call of duty? I think that’s an instant loss there. Eve online? In a 5v5 fleet battle and DC? Yes, you’re dead.

Not really anything to be surprised about.


“I’m about to explode. I know what to do: yank out the internet and then make a whiney ticket to a GM to replace my lost ship”.

No, not happening.


That’s the reason of this reminder - you’re not 100% sure about your connection (I’m 90% sure)? Don’t do it. 5 minutes of connection problems will probably not kill you while ratting.

And yes, I’m throwing my salt here after GM response, what can you do? :slightly_smiling_face:

Grow a pair and not whine on the forums?


Nope, I choose to whine.

I predict only a negative net balance

I’m OK with losing to other players or AI, no problem with that or negative net balance if I was at fault. But losing because of connection problems is not fun, you understand.

How can anyone be 100 % sure? If a lightning strikes the tree in front of my house and brings down the cable, I’m not going to have power, but I wont be able to predict it will happen either.

Burner missions will kill you, and so will other players.

We understand it’s not fun, what we dont understand is why you complained to both the GM or on the forums.

the only whining and complaining I see is from players who are upset because the OP is giving a heads up.

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Didn’t read the post eh?

A heads up doesn’t include a GM response, he pulled the connection because he was going to lose his ship and then when the GM wouldn’t give him a new one he came here to whine.

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The title should be changed to “Fly what you can afford to lose”. I can sympathize with the loss of a blingy ship, but poor internet connection still has to be factored into the above mantra.

In Abyss, you know when you go in you’re trapped in a box and there’s only one exit, and the dangers of losing your ship extend not only to abyss content, but also disconnects and 1400mm arties staring you down on exit. Even ultra blingy ships need to be factored into operating costs, and if the math doesn’t work out, then the Abyss isn’t for you.

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To be honest I didn’t know how the reimbursement works in such situations - I thought it’s not a big problem, and that the situation related to connection problems may be clear in their logs.

Now the situation is clear to me - that’s why I warn those, who still don’t know about it. If you’ll loose connection for few minutes - you’ll loose your ship, without any reimbursement.

How is CCP supposed to discern between a disconnect based on an actual internet problem, or a disconnect based on you yanking out the cord and lying about having internet problems? Did you expect CCP to contact your ISP and ask for their logs?

Negative net balance in this case referring to the outcome of this thread.

There are few things you can (?) check in this situation:

  • time left
  • status of the enemies (dead/alive)
  • status of the ship
  • abyssal level
  • abyssal room
  • reconnection attempts

Why should I pull the cord when I’m in the last room, near the gate, with enemies defeated and 9 minutes left?

Then you dont see too good.

Unfortunately it’s not clear within the game itself, but CCP did cover their butts in the EULA and in their support site:


Reimbursements are never guaranteed, and particularly if it’s not their fault, your best bet is a polite, diplomatically worded reimbursement request, with as much evidence as you can muster, and if it’s denied, accept the loss and move on. Hard knocks sometimes but gotta roll with the punches.

EDIT: of note in the support site:

  1. Reimbursement will only be granted if a loss is attributable to a bug or server error.
  2. Any losses attributable to errors in the EVE client may not be eligible for reimbursement.
  3. Any losses attributable to problems with a player’s system (i.e. computer, internet connection, etc.) or any system owned by a third party are not eligible for reimbursement.