Daily reminder - if you have any doubts about your internet connection stability, don't take the risk of Abyssal Deadspace

For all we know, maybe you were being hunted outside in known space and didnt want to go out?

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They must hire you, you’ll be a good GM. Even I am not so inventive.

But to answer your question - the area was clear of any other users, maybe it’s also visible in logs?

Op posts a heads up…gets accusations of lying, cheating and crying and pulling the plug… I see just fine.


Why, thank you. Ive been telling them that for years. If I am hired, my title will be “Executor of loss prevention”, and i will deny all claims for reimbursement.

You were in abyssal space, how do you know the area was clear?


Well, in truth I don’t. It was clear when I was entering the abyssal.

I take this thread from the OP as lessons learned. Thanks for the heads up, please bypass all the hateful and snide remarks from other members of this forum.



Reimbursement denied.

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You’re good :grin:

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You really dont.

If it was just a heads up, no problem.

Its the rest thats the blood in the GD water.

Thinking about a possible solution to the problem - some kind of “pause” or “snapshot” when you disconnect in abyssal deadspace would certainly help.

So if you pull the plug - there’s no escape from abyssal, you’re stuck there, the timer runs again and enemies attack you again when you reconnect (and you’re still without shield).

Technical or time limitations probably do not allow them to implement it.

There was already a request for this:

But the OP came to the conclusion that it’s impossible for disconnects that are not CCP’s fault, and only supports a solution for if it is CCP’s fault now. I suppose there could be a popup for first time abyss runners stating no reimbursement for ship losses within…? Maybe that would scare too many people from even trying tho… :man_shrugging:

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It would scare me :slight_smile:


You don’t get it, there is NO PROBLEM. The well established rule is enter at your own risk.

Losing a ship is not a problem.

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It’s cool. Everyone’s tolerance for loss is different and situational, just gotta know yourself before taking any dives.

Personally I enjoy the Abyss as an alternate income stream, and for its breathtaking scenery. I’ve had my losses, but the content has paid for itself through loot and fun. :sunglasses::smiley:

I was enjoying the Abyss too. Sadly, I cannot guarantee that my Internet provider will not have another hiccup, so I won’t play it again. It’s easier to stay alive in such situation in other Eve activities.


This seems like a perfectly reasonable PSA to me. The GM response just shows exactly how CCP handles these circumstances. He’s basically stated “lesson learned”, and adjusted playing style accordingly…

Some of you really need to tone down your “OMG he’s whining” radar…

And how is CCP supposed to discern between their internet problem (main trunk to a server misbehaving, and your internet problem (living in an area with a crap service) ? Do you think you should be reimbursed by CCP because your ISP’s techie pulled the wrong plug ?

When many of the EVE players run out of things to do (or are afraid for their stuff) in the game, they stop logging in.

But since they’ve invested so much time - sometimes years - into the game, they can’t quite cut the cord. So they hang around the forums like vultures waiting for the opportunity to bitterly attack anything they can. It makes them feel better and there’s no risk to them as there would be if they actually logged in to the game.

Attacking the low hanging fruit with impunity is the endgame carebear activity for so many bitter vets, and the forum is the best place to do that.


Be man and decide for yourself what to do!
Don’t let some Internet unknowns dictate you :innocent:

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Years later, the answer is still NO

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