Reimbursement Policy

I’ve lost two ships to complete ■■■■■■■■ running Superior Sleeper Caches and the GMs will not reimburse me. One was because I got disconnected right as I started the first sentry room hack and one was to an invisible mine chain reaction in the mine room.

It’s mind boggling to me that paying customers are treated like this because of the current policy. This needs to change because this is how you lose players including me.

No reason to be reimbursed. If it was client side issue, then yes first one should be reimbursed. Second one, oh well


Losses are inevitable. Can’t get too worked up about them, even if it’s through no fault of your own. We have all lost stuff this way.

If you’re going to quit because you lost two ships, well… come on, now.


I don’t want CCP to baby me when I lose a ship due to skill issues.

Darwin’s Law at work here.

A strong player will learn from the mistakes and master the craft. A weak player will quit after they meet the first challenge.

Are you going to be the strong player? Or the weak player OP?

Also looks like you need a better overview to see all your targets.


I have been losing connection all morning since the server reset. I had a character testing out some fighter builds versus “The Line” and almost lost my ship when the first DC occurred. After it was pretty obvious to me, the network between me and the server and/or their client is borked up very badly, I switched to moving inventory in high security.

While I am just an alpha, I will never complain about the loss of any ship. Even something I paid with Plex, cash, or ISK. This is part of the immersion of the game, real loss. I played STO (Star Trek Online) from 2012 to 2019 and in those years, I never really lost a ship. Ships cost me $35 but when they blow up they just respawn, and that reminds me I am just playing a game. Life is about taking risks, EVE Online is closer to real world game play than other games.

When you experience DC’s you need to switch gears or quit playing until things get fixed. Until then fly safe o7.


What if it was like… four? All within the span of like 20 minutes… Because someone can flipped you?

I lost two titans and I’m still here. Folks need to get over losses. It’s that nature of the game.


I have had all my requests over the years for reimbursement granted, all due to DC’s mind, if I lose a ship because I’m ■■■■ at playing I don’t expect CCP to replace that. Perhaps it was the way you asked?

I have even DC’d from a site leaving 5 wasp II’s behind, warped back moments later to find them gone, and having opened a ticket been given 5 replacements though I specifically asked to know what happened to them and not to return them as I had 60 odd spares in my drone can at my home station. I still got 5 drones put in my hangar…

CCP can only reimburse stuff they can clearly see it was due to an error on their side, not your client, not your Internet company, if they cant see that, they cant do it. It happens to people with DC’s in abyssals all the time and they are loosing 5+b ships.

Don’t take it personally, this time you didn’t get a replacement, next time you might.

Which they are strict on not reimbursing abyssal losses

Someone can flipped you while you were in a Titan?

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It was a very big can.


Suddenly I’m reminded of Mining Dreads in High Sec.

Ahhhhh, good times.

There is a form that every Pilot can fill out to request their ship reimbursement and we try to send them on the correct path when ever the opportunity arises.

I don’t give a ■■■■ about the ships. It’s about how I’m being treated as a paying customer.

If you did Supurior sleeper caches, you would know that many of the mines are invisible.

You have nothing to complain about. You are being treated the same as every other paying customer.

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Ok. I’ll vote for someone else who cares about paying customers.

The entitlement is strong with @Medavi_Twinkletoe

I don’t speak for @Brisc_Rubal but uh he has been in the CSM for quite a long time… And as they all say in leadership classes. Can’t appease everyone. :joy: No matter how hard you try there is that 1 hater who can’t be reasoned with.

We all pay for this game like you. Cry us a river. You will find no empathy here due to lack of pilot skills. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You do that.

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