Loss of ship when internet crashes

Recently, we have had a few corp members lose ships when their internet crashed during battle - I realize there is a mechanic to keep players from escaping a battle by deliberately disconnecting -
but when something happens beyond your control, like an internet crash, or a game crash** there should be a way to not end up losing an expensive ship. One member lost a Vargur yesterday due to an internet provider crash.

In full disclosure, these members processed a support ticket and DID get their ships back - the one yesterday is still waiting on a decision. HOWEVER, the caveat, from support, was that this was a one-time consideration. That caveat DOES NOT give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about playing my Kronos and other expensive ships any more…

Can somebody explain the CCP policy for replacing ships in this situation?

** I run 2 boxes and have had one of them crash while the other kept running - identical direct cable connections on both boxes.

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If it’s not CCP’s fault you lost a ship then why should they reimburse it?

On top of that, what would stop people from yanking out their network cable the moment it becomes obvious they are about to lose their ship, to then have it reimbursed?

And how much would that invalidate the idea and concept of the game?


I agree with what you’re saying - but then why are support replacing the ships in question?

Have YOU lost a ship by a disconnect not your fault? If not, you probably are not qualified to answer…


Aisha hit the nail on the head. Which is why in abyssals. There is almost zero ship replacement when there is a disconnect

so did I - why should I, or anybody, play any expensive ship any more if there is no way to tell the difference?

Ccp can probably see on their end if something was most likely the fault of a middle man (packet drop between isp and them). So ship replacement is probably a case by case situation

I’ve never asked for ship replacement, but I’d imagine they’d ask for logs etc.

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Personally I’m against any form or of reimbursement unless it’s proven it’s actually CCP’s fault. It used to be that way but then they got softer a bit (wouldn’t want to antagonise the carebears). I guess they now have a policy of just one time, according to your own statement but I wouldn’t know about that myself.

I’ve only ever once asked for a ship reimbursement but that was back when 50 people in a system would hurt the server and you could get a time out when trying to jump a gate.

On risking “expensive ships”, how does it change anything? EVE is always about risk vs reward. Why would one assume that risk should be removed?

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Nobody does.

But when there is no downside for replacing a ship when it’s the fault of a third party [neither player nor CCP] then…

…there’s only a positive when a ship in this situation is replaced.


As you yourself said, apparently it’s a one time deal where they do it for one ship but not beyond. How is that difficult to comprehend?

It’s not.

How is it difficult for you to understand that this thread poses one question.

So far, you haven’t had an answer, only arguments why it’s the player’s fault, evidently, that his internet connection broke.

Let somebody that knows answer, please.


Had a guy in a hs Corp back in 2011-2012ish. Who would regularly put in tickets for ships he lost to ganks or war decs and he always got them reimbursed for everything that didn’t drop. Always worth the same message script with mention of it being an exception for this one incident.

EVE is a bit older than 2011.

We don’t know, CCP won’t tell you other than vague stuff. Why does it matter anyway?

I mean eve died in 2011

I have, several times. That being said, when I didn’t get my snakes reimbursed, I picked myself up and I moved on.

I don’t think they should reimburse them, but it never hurts to ask in case something did go wrong on their end.

As a rule, reimbursements will not be given unless a game master (GM) is able to verify that the loss occurred due to unnatural reasons through a review of the server logs. Due to the fact that logs and screenshots are easily altered, we unfortunately cannot accept player statements, chat logs or screenshots as definitive evidence for these cases.

Note that this policy is not all inclusive. Other situations outside this policy may be deemed eligible for reimbursement if circumstances warrant such a decision. These will be carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis. No reimbursement requests are guaranteed to be fulfilled.

  1. All reimbursement requests must be sent within a week (7 days) from when the loss occurred. After that time we will not provide reimbursement.

  2. Reimbursement can only be requested by the in-game owner of the items lost. Note that items in a corporate hangar or other corporate-owned entity are considered to be owned by the corporation and not a player. Reimbursement for corporate-owned items should be requested by the CEO or a Director.

  3. Reimbursement will only be granted if a loss is attributable to a bug or server error.

  4. Any losses attributable to errors in the EVE client may not be eligible for reimbursement.

  5. Any losses attributable to problems with a player’s system (i.e. computer, internet connection, etc.) or any system owned by a third party are not eligible for reimbursement.

  6. Losses caused by lag or non-server related disconnection will not be reimbursed.

  7. Any losses of any kind resulting from a large-scale player engagement are not covered by this reimbursement policy.

  8. Potential or theoretical gain is not eligible for reimbursement. Only assets lost when already in possession of the player are eligible for reimbursement.

  9. No guarantee of replacement is given or implied through the policies outlined here. A GM must investigate each case and refunds are given on a case-by-case basis.


  11. The insurance payout received when a ship is lost will be subtracted from a player’s wallet if the ship is reimbursed.

  12. Only items destroyed along with the ship are eligible for reimbursement. Any items left in space (in wreck, containers, etc.) are not eligible for reimbursement.

  13. Ships destroyed by use of the “self destruct” feature cannot be reimbursed.

Then don’t? Don’t fly what you can’t agford to lose. This goes not only for ISK, but your feeling of loss as well.


If so call 555boohoo now!

Seriously though, who hasnt?

Just petition. They say one time only to discourage spam

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well, I guess I’m done flying expensive ships - that’s OK - at least nobody sitting in space shooting at my ship, left defenseless because of a power outage, will benefit as I will be in a rifter or something…

Thanks to the strong relishing the defeat of the weak - same as a bunch of hyenas irl.

I’m just glad it wasn’t my ship


Only time I’ve had a ship reimbursed was when our entire fleet got disconnected - I guess when 40+ people petition it is another matter. Bit of an odd one as our entire fleet got dropped just as we engaged Rooks and Kings but everyone else in system was fine including some of our alts that weren’t in fleet.

Had a few previous ones where the server/cluster went funny but standard response of “logs show nothing” - at least when I lost a Rattlesnake to it the people who killed it saw the server issues and contracted me back my dropped modules which was nice of them.