Loss of ship when internet crashes

guess what, you are not required to fly expensive ships… fly whatever your little snowflake heart desires to fly… I don’t fly anything that i’m not prepared to lose… i know anytime i undock, boom, there goes my shippy ship… oh well, ship happens.

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To be honest I don’t think CCP should reimburse ANYTHING unless it is very definitely their server that craps out.

It sets a bad precident and creates friction when some things are given back and others not. It can feel like favouritism.


If your internet is unstable, use ships you can afford randomly losing until you get better internet.

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This arogance is what loses players, as not every player is cash rich and have to work the game to get what they want, if there internet goes down it’s not there fault either…! So if you lose your ship through no fault of your own, why shouldn’t you at least get your ship returned to you…?

Another "I’m alright jack! reply…!!

Didn’t you know? A great community is also part of the NPE. Here you have a great example of how that community behaves.
We want to keep the new players, just… shut them up and make sure they can be used for target practice.

And why should you get it returned, a lost ship is a lost ship and CCP have no way to verify its because you DC’d and not because you unplugged your router to avoid a loss

Losing a ship because your internet died sucks but thats life


I’ve lost ships to disconnections and bad internet, its one of those things. Some of them have hurt, a lot (looking at you several bill isk abyss runner) but I have never petitioned for them back.

First rule of Eve is "Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose"

And conversely not every player finds gathering isk without using a credit card difficult.

Neither do players find it hard to fly within their means.

If you cant afford to replace your bling chariot, dont fly a bling chariot.

Its not rocket surgery.


Don’t fly a ship you can’t afford to lose.

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I lost a ship due to a disconnect and CCP replaced it. A member in my former alliance lost three, on separate occasions, and had them replaced. It’s my understanding CCP doesn’t want people abusing such replacements, so they make it “a one-time thing, wink wink.”

They do need to address whatever it is that causes so many disconnects, but as others have pointed out, they also can’t replace every ship lost by a “disconnect.” As the saying goes, “Don’t undock what you can’t afford to lose,” in whatever way it might be lost.

CCP needs to stop reimbursing people.

It only rewards whiners who cry, and penalizes people who don’t beg for replacements.


Gods and Spirits CCP, thats the second time you have made me agree with the Princess.


This means you are now ready to buy Aiko’s mining permit, it is good investment too… you know you want to. :wink:

Back over a decade ago I lost a HAC in null-sec after undocking to scout because the station just wouldn’t let me dock. The message was literally something like “the station is unable to process your docking request” so there were obviously server entries that they could see. I got hot-dropped and killed, and then when I filed a petition, they denied it and said there would be no further discussion.

And now CCP is now reimbursing carebear marauder losses on a whim? Good to know.

I believe it. When I did wars, I remember one guy from some random corporation bragging to me in local that no matter how many times I’d kill him, CCP would always give him his stuff back.

It all comes down to how many tickets you submit and how annoying you are. As soon as the customer support decides is easier to give in you get your ship back.

People blame parents but this is why we have so many Karens. They do generally get what they want more often than not.

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