EVE crash , 1.1b loss

I was doing t5 abyss and eve crashed for no reason

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Sure it did ROFL.

Thems the breaks bro.

posting on the forums won’t get you anywhere. Submit a reimbursement ticket, but be prepared for the logs to show nothing :D, most connection lost errors are client side issues that they don’t reimburse for.


Just buy a new ship and keep power-krabbing. Why is this an issue for you?

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Crash or a DC? :thinking:

This is exactly the reason why I stopped abyss. Maybe I might get back into T3…


I have actually dc’d in the abyss and was able to get back in and somehow barely survive.

Glad you chose to share your loss with us, always fun when selfless people decide to brighten up the day of others. :slight_smile:


If a Goon blows up in space hell, and no one is there to witness it, does anyone care?

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You’re unlikely to get reimbursed. 1, You’re in an abyss, b, if the logs show client side, you most likely won’t be reimbursed.

However it is their discretion to reimburse and saw situations that satisfied their rules for no reimbursement, but they have given ships back.

i have lost 2 dominix’s and frigates due to server failure during lvl 4 missions. more than 2b lost. neither were replaced by ccp because according to them they couldnt prove it was their fault, which it absolutely was.

it happens. youre not going to get reimbursed.

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Ive had ships reimbursed before running missions.

this is why i don’t run abysses.

Just looking at the Capacitor/Shield/Armor/Hull display in the screenshot makes me wonder whether the Gila had survived if it had not lost connection.

CCP won’t reimburse Abyss losses unless you can put blame on your connectivity issue being due to CCP’s infrastructure or their services failing, which you usually can’t. But if 20 people complain to have lost connections in the timeframe, CCP might consider chances it’s an issue on their side of things. The ishtar bots in null usually don’t file tickets because they’re bots, and the capsuleers that got DC-ed while docked or tethered won’t file tickets, either, because they didn’t lose anything, so it’s up to people that had been actively playing to report tickets to ccp


The logs always show the problem is client side.

Pipe down miner.

File a ticket like others have said. In my experience, (if) they reimburse you they will give you the stuff that didn’t drop.

Eve did not crash. You got disconnected from the server. Now if everyone got DCd at the same time you might have a case. But they didn’t, so you don’t

Moko Musana is onto something. You’re being neuted, webbed, tracking disrupted, with 15% structure left with several enemies on field. Also, your discord stopped streaming as well. But you’re connected to your Wifi network still (or Windows thinks you are).

The same thing would happen if you unplugged your router from the Internet.

Sadness, I’d be devastated.

You got nueted and pulled your cable before you died. Get over it. They won’t reimburse you for that.

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