Lost a few gilas due to a weird bug, but support keeps refusing in reimbursement

So, as you may have read from the topic, I lost a few gilas already due to a bug which doesn’t show an in-game abyss timer. If anyone has experienced this bug as well, and found a way to solve it, please share it.

I did write a petition for reimbursement as soon as I was able to screenshot the bug, but support refused, you know, losing gilas with some green modules isn’t fun at all.

I am attaching the screenshot (don’t mind the drones, was just catching the bug)

Check the top left corner - no abyss timer.

As support wrote - " Sadly, I’m not able to verify any kind of visual bug that you may have been experiencing at the time. " As if the lack of the abyss timer is usual with this kind of stuff.

CCP stated that they wouldnt reimburse any loss im Abyssal space no matter what happened. Sadly ccp’s server hamsters could of stop running and all that jazz. And you still wouldnt get you loss replaced.

Sorry man

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It sounds like you are a frequent Abyss runner and thus you are well aware of the 20 min timer, knowing that there is a timer, even if it’s showing or not, you could just take note of the time when you enter the pocket and just keep an eye on it that way or you could also use your smartphone or similar devices with a “timer” function.

Reimbursement is performed on a case by case basis.


Or just use the log and message feature ?

I have encounterd this bug exactly 2 times since the Abyss came out. Both were after I got a closed socket and had to reboot my router and get back into the game.

Luckily for me, both times I had enough time leftover to complete the instance, since by default I do not run any of them unless I can do so with 5 minutes spare for these sort of reasons as well as occasional quick AFK and just in case I screw up and need extra time for module repair or cap regen.

Since you didn’t get disconnected like I did, there is just too high likelyhood that you would have still failed the instance and not made the timer. If you were going at your regular speed, you should have made it regardless if teh timer is visible or not. This may be why the GMs will not address your reimbursment. Though I may be wrong of course, but to me it just seems that way.

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