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Hi all.

About one month ago I lost ship and capsule on Chaotic Dark site, caused by the fact that in second room I was not able to turn AB on. It was glowing on red(like when you press to turn off module, but cycle did not end yet) all the time. I was able to complete second room, but on last room due a low speed I was poded :confused:

After that, I still was on the abyssal site. I decided to wait until timer will gone, but even then I still was on the site - shield of my not-existing capsule back to full :slight_smile: On the same time Notification Feed started to show multiple loss of my capsule :slight_smile:

So, I decided to re-log. After that Notification Feed, for next 14 hours, was still showing new losses of my capsule - even when I was flying on HS and WH already :slight_smile:

Of course I submitted a ticked to support explaining what happened. I`v got a response explaining that I am not eligible for reimbursement.

And now… It happened again about two weeks ago. I submitted a ticket again, but two weeks passed and no response… :confused:

And finally… Today I checked a patch notes for August 2018 release and guess what:


Anyone had similar issue? Any advice what to do/with who should I contact in relation to this ridiculous situation?


Posting official private GM correspondence on the forums is gonna get you in trouble. As for your ship loss, you should escalate your petition for reimbursement now that the module bug is officially recognized.

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There’s nothing contentious in this post. Please go read the “Clarification On Section 18 Of The Terms Of Service”. In fact, the OP isn’t even criticizing the judgement, just asking if others have experienced the same.

I haven’t experienced this, thankfully, and encourage you to follow up on your ticket. It definitely seems like something that should be addressed. It should at least be acknowledged even if they stick with the no reimbursement for abyssal losses, there’s another bug in there: the multiple podding sequence.

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The OP edited his post to remove GM correspondence after I made my post. Posting GM correspondence on the forums is against the rules and I was simply pointing that out to him.

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I have experienced it a lot, not recently, but often enough to consider I am very lucky to never lose a ship due to this bug to a burner. I made some bug report for this.

You should request a senior GM and tell him what happened . I can totally trust you that this can be the reason for ship loss, especially in abyss.
I think your point of view is valid ; though if the devs have a way to check if this bug was affecting you or not, they may consider you were not affected. I am no judge, only telling you why they may not take action to reimburse you though you were subject to a bug.

On the other hand, they are very kind when reimbursing ships, to the point I once realized I was the one at fault and proposed afterwards to destroy the reimbursed ship. Maybe they have very strict rules, as “NEVER reimburse abyss”.

To fix it: drag the red (or green) bugged module to another slot.


Thx for response guys :slight_smile: the point is that GM told me that I am not eligible for reimbursement because he checked a logs, and he see that I did not use AB… but how I could use it if I was not able to use it because a bug? :slight_smile: Also, I do not understand why my ship had much lower min speed, despite AB bug, that should have - speed was lower than should be, even without AB:

Speed issue and multiple podding sequence was totally ignored by GM :confused:

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