Abyss space 32000125 bugged?

i lose today a vigilant in Abyss 32000125 space, jumped in and 2 min later i was instant dead and i dont know why. I just approached the NPC and shoot them.
When i looked to the killboard for that system i see that, that system has more loses than other systems

and sry for bad englisch, german guy^^

What tier and type of Abyss was it?

tier2 and firestom, sry forgett that^^

You would think the system would be stuffed after eating all them gila. One can never underestimate the desire to eat anything shaped like a Vigilant though.

I also Died in the exact same system, 2 mins after entry.

its a bug, my vigilant is reimbursed but the dropped modules are not reimbursed, think CCP must chancge the reimbursed AGB.
Or its possible to loot?^^

Once you leave Abyssal Depths (space) you are unable to reenter, so looting your wreck is not an option.

By the looks of your KM it would appear that you died due to the timer expiring. If it indeed were only 2 min from the activation of the Filament, you should try and recreate it and if possible, file a bug-report though the F12 menu.

if you look at the killboard of the system than you can see thats al lot people loosing ships than in other abyss system, and if i write i was only 2min there and than i blobbed and one other guy write it too than you can maybe belive it^^.

And i allready use the F12 and report the bug and got the vigilant reimbursed, but CCP have to change the reiimbursed rule in Abyss systems, because no one can loot the wreck and all items are lost

It’s not like I don’t believe you, I do, but you cannot tell how much time the players have spend in the pocket from the Killboard alone.

I recall a post of someone who linked a screenshot from the test server where were wrecks in an abyssal pocket from earlier failed attempts by others so based on that my assumption is that if someone spawns the same pocket within 2 hours (that is how long wrecks stay alive) they would find the wrecks intact and be able to loot them. This of course requires a lucky draw to the exact same abyssal pocket within 2 hours. Also can not know if this has been addressed (and corrected) by CCP or not.

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