Learning Abyss

So I am back in EVE after about 2 years off and am trying out the Abyss missions… we are having some had weather here in Ohio, and my power has flickered more then once causing my computer to reboot…

What happens if you are in an Abyss mission and get kicked off? Does the timer stop till you come back, or are yu basically just dead?

You’re dead. Your ship and your pod. Players have already lost around 4 trillion ISK worth of ships and pods since the Abyss update.

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Not including losses upon exiting filaments, either.

That’s about what I thought was going to happen, I am starting to wonder if Abyss is worth the hassle. Hopefully something worthwhile drops soon.

They nerfed the drops to a point they are only worth attempting if you are doing tier 4-5.

You can be ganked in any high sec system.
Join an alliance if you want to run these in relative peace.

Many of us earn a decent living running F3 tier filaments. Guess it depends.

I started to run DED 5/10 sites while searching for T4/T5 runners, and explored areas of New Eden I didn’t know existed … definitely less stressful and risky, and profitable due to all the gambling addicts. Though roaming can become addicting on it’s own, just one more system, there might be something … :wink:

I am a bit confused by this, are you saying you can see a person that went into an Abyss location?

When you enter the Abyss, it leaves a beacon that can be probed out by a player. Then all they have to do is sit by your beacon and wait for you to exit the Abyss instance you are in…


… and from the color of the remnant’s beacon (yellow) you can see whether somebody will leave as suspect to shoot.

Not that it matters. You’ll get shot anyway…

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Suicide gankers won’t travel far from hubs …

Or you can stop being scrubs and go somewhere that suspect/criminal timers are meaningless. Quick hint, it’s not hisec. (yes yes, I know, I’m not your dad and I can’t tell you what to do). You’re safer in nullsov anyways.

@Arthur_Aihaken question, what kind of return are you seeing on your time? I’ve tried some abyssal space in SiSi, but I’ve never actually done it on TQ. Wondering what the profits are looking like in F3s.

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