Ships should rocket out of abyssal space (dramatic)

Players exiting abyssal sites should be rocketed outwards upon re-entry into normal space and have some kind of energy wave/debris trail behind them as the tunnel collapses for added effect. This effect would be increased depending on the tier of the abyssal site and would be accompanied by a “blasted out” sound as well after entering normal space that everybody near the abyssal exit would hear.

Gankers in null/wh would need a bubble to slow/catch people instantly exiting or otherwise try to get a point on them as they de-accelerate and attempt to warp off.
This would also give abyssal runners a better chance to escape rather than being fish in a barrel after exiting, and be more exciting especially after a high-tier narrow escape.

They are supposed to be fish in a barrel. You are supposed to lose ships inside or outside to support the economy. Surviving is not the expected outcome. Your death is.

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I’m pretty sure there’re already enough people losing ships to support the economy, this wouldn’t change that much:

It’s not at 100%, so it’s not enough.

The abyssal trace should also blow up a bit when its de-spawned (rather than just disappearing) and then suck back the explosion into the abyss.

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Always more.

You got a risk free instance to play spaceships with NPCs but now you want risk free space around it.

IB PvE is risky. If the Abyss is risky you have not watched enough videos.

That one I agree with. EVE is really poorly equipped with vanishing animations.

This a good idea I hope it gets implemented!

In what way is what I wrote = risk free? Abyssals are also not risk free even if you’re an expert at them. The risk level increases as you move up tiers and can vary with your ship and fitting. Even with a super blinged fit you can still get a bad spawn or make a single mistake and die.

This doesn’t change much outside of cosmetics.

NPC’s don’t count as risk, he means PVP risk free. Eve is a pvp game, so you need to expect pvp risk.

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Of course you agree, it is your post :rofl:

I’d like it if the trace exploded then imploded but definite no for being moved. You get a minute of invuln already.

I don’t really understand the invul timer anyways, since anybody plopped outside your trace will simply have to wait slightly longer for his kill.

There is still the PvP risk in this idea, but it requires slightly more effort than its current implementation. Assuming no bubble, somebody would have to immediately burn at you and get a point as you de-accelerate out of the trace or otherwise catch you as you align for the warp out.

It’s meant to ensure that your client has fully loaded. Same as gate travel. They don’t give it to make you safe, they give it to make sure that you don’t die before your client has finished loading after the session change.

Given that there is said immunity, this velocity is not an option. Combining them would be bad, and one is in place for technical reasons that are not easily overcome. That said, if there was a way to make you get this velocity in place of your session invuln timer, it would be not bad. Ships that are at speed will generally align slower than ships that are stopped if they have to make any significant vector changes. I’d of course just put them at 100% of normal speed (sans prop etc).

If you were lucky you’d come out sort-of-aligned to some kind of celestial, if you were unlucky you’d be pointed in some other way and warping out would take longer.

The invul timer is so people on lower end pcs can load and asses the situation for a brief period before making an action. It’s actually good for the gankers too as they can get into optimal and prep as well since there’s no cloak.

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