Abyss Player Encounter

Hey wouldn’t it be cool if you could encounter a player in dead space? On the second room in abyssal could be a small chance upon activating the gate to the third pocket to get thrown into the third room of another player’s instance of the same tier and type. Maybe have it so that it would only throw you into a pocket that spawned less than a certain amount of time ago so there’s gonna be rats and a player to deal with. The gate at the end would throw you back to where you entered from regardless of if you encountered another player or not. Maybe make this possibility increase based on the tier of the site.

It’s not like you’d need a point cause it’s not like they can warp anyways. I think this would really change up the fitting meta and make turrets a strong choice for self defense.

This is EVE, other players should have always been able to follow into the deadspace, as it is now it is an abomination, a PvP free zone in EVE.

We are now on our way to being like WoW.

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And yet someone could sit on your exit point and gank you when you come out and are probably weakened by the combat in the deadspace. Seems a fair tradeoff to me.

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Unless of course your in high sec I which case your safe. They should bring back the suspect timer.

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Can we get back on the proposed idea? I’m aware of abyssal being too safe and cozy and that’s why I proposed this. What are your thoughts on meeting other players by chance in the way mentioned above?

I saw a better suggestion a while back. It proposed that the portal left behind when you activate a Filament, should allow for 1x more ship to enter. If that happens to be your buddy / alt coming in to rep you and kill enemies, then you have backup. But if you’re running solo, and an enemy slips in behind you, then they can gank you free and clear.

Rather than forcing people into encounters, just leave the possibility open for others to come in after you.


I like this idea ^^

IMO the removal of the suspect timer was shameful. This thread is a much better idea though. As it stands now (well, until suspect timer removal) you could just sit outside and wait for them to finish the site and then blap t4 runners - I’ve done it a few times and it’s not good PVP at all.

I think if you want to hunt abyssal ratters, T3-5 should ALL make you vulnerable but PVPers should have to follow you into the site and catch you rather than just waiting around for 15 mins and blapping you when you finish the site.

That way there is more risk for players ganking in HS - players could have a gang come into the site with them and then if you go in to kill them there is the potential that it’s a trap. At least then the PVP content from higher tier abyssals is better than just ganking randos that are sitting still at 0m when they come out of the rift.

The problem I see with this is as follows: If a ganker enters the rift after you to kill you, they need to be in a PVP fit. So they won’t be able to finish the site and they will die in the rift as well. Even if they do manage to somehow gank you with a PVEish fit, they will die to the timer because they’ll have to finish the site as well as kill you solo (cruiser 1v1s take time).

These sites are designed as short session solo content. If you allow more ships in, people will start running them with multibox fleets - which defeats the purpose.

Maybe if they were designed to let anyone in but, one of the loot caches contains a gate key so no more than 1 ship can get out!

The problem with your ideas of one person following is that you’re gonna end up with people just shoving an alt in with them. The random factor from my original idea makes it unstagable so I disagree with the “one person follow” proposition.

Do Little has a neat idea though, that’s pretty damn cool.

Will never work. You have to be specifically geared to work in the sites. A random ganker won’t know which conditions to optimize his fit for, and any combat between two persons in the site would end up with the survivor being too weak (and too much time being used up) to clear the space. It would just end up killing the both of them.

And before you imply that would still work to the ganker’s benefit - the potential ganker in this situation would still need an expensive ship to survive in there long enough to even attack, so the idea of a ganker using a cheap ship to do anything still doesn’t work. A cheap ship will either be killed by the Abyss or the other player quickly enough so the ganker never mattered.

We have been on that path ever since Seagull become executive producer 5 years ago. I have a small sliver of hope that it’s going to get better now that she’s gone, but I somehow doubt that considering Hilmar’s priorities of investing EVE profits into his (VR) pet projects instead of back into EVE.

Note to self: have morning coffee before going on forums.

It’s okay. Happens to everyone.

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Edited. Also lold. My bad.

Waiting at the exit is not the same, in fact that is how so called Open World PvP works in WoW.

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