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Hello Abyssal runners and CCP,
I have some idea that would be nice to add upon exiting abyssal space. We all know when you enter the abyss and when you clear the room and click to activate the gate to jump into another room your ship starts moving to the another gate into that room.
So what i am proposing is that when you clear all 3 rooms and in final room when you need to exit the abyss your ship should still move like it does when u are in abyss space.
I think it should be the same when u exit the abyss space.
What do you guys think about this idea and also CCP Team what do you think ?

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I like it the way it is now since I can just warp off back to my home structure in 4 seconds, and not have to stop my ship, align, and then enter warp again.

You are in abyss and you are affected by the Abyssal Space and when you exit you should have that transversal. And your 4 sec is enough for gankers to lock you and kill you.

Again… why?

By that logic, you enter the Abyssal pocket from the beginning with zero velocity, you should leave it with zero velocity.

I don’t … care about gankers? I just want the convenience of not having to come back to K-space, find my ship moving in random direction I don’t want it to go in, stop it, and warp off.

Gankers are mostly in HS space and there are people who cant get their way to Null. If you have that velocity when u exit you can do insta warp out. Like when you undock from station.
And what you saying about entering the abyss with zero velocity you also dock to station with zero velocity.
Should you then exit station with zero velocity ?
And you should have that velocity when u exit abyss, you where affected by its space.

Again, I don’t care about gankers, stop bringing them up, you’re trying to derail the topic. And if your ship is randomly moving in a direction away from the structure, you can’t insta-warp, since you need to stop, turn, and re-align.

Honestly, I’d actually prefer that, would make some station games more interesting. But that’s not even relevant to this topic.

WHY?? Why should that be the case? Why does it need to be the case?
You keep saying this, but you need to follow it up with “… because reasons 1, 2, 3,…”

I can say.

You need to stop making bad posts.

That’s not helpful.

But if I say:

You need to stop making bad posts because you continue to suggest a change but do not provide any reasons why.

That’s helpful. It helps other people understand what the issue is.

Here is what i found, and why i want this to be implemented.
When u warp to the safe spot where you activate filament, before u activate it, you align to the station and when u aligned your ship you stop your ship and then activate filament. When you exit the abyss your ship will be in same direction when you activated filament. And thats the reason why i want ship to move when u exit Abyss, so you can perform insta warp to the station.
And i am not derailing, i just dont like the way this is working as they Probe your abyssal trace and wait for you to exit the space so they could gank you. Gankers are the reason why i want this. I understand you that you dont care about them but i care about the game.
The biggest reason why i want this to be added to the game https://zkillboard.com/kill/86605849/

All of this is meaningless.

This is the first time in the entire thread you actually provided a reason. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Ok, now I get it.
You kept bringing up gankers for no reason because YOU want this specifically for the purpose of running away from gankers.

lmao, no.

Sucks to suck, get some friends to protect the exit next time.

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Solution: run your sites somewhere that’s not within 2 jumps of Jita.


Ofc i wanna run away from gankers when you are in PVE ship…lmao, yes. You make no sense now.
And no1 will camp next to my abyssal trace when i do today 5+ filaments or less. No1 will sit there doing absolutely nothing while i run abyss. And i dont play eve everyday, my day is bussy and when i play i play thats how it is.

Have u seen my killmail ?
I was 14 jumps away from jita and they still found me. In 0.5 space…

At some point, you got your bling fit scanned, and then you were located and ganked after they established a pattern of your movements.

What you’re asking for is fundamentally unfair for gankers, because it would make it impossible for them to gank you. Actually, I’m not even sure that’s the case, because due to the loading animation, the odds are in their favor anyway, since you’re likely targetable before you can send your own commands to the server.

Meanwhile, you already have many avenues available for counter-play. First of all, you have absolutely zero reasons to activate filaments in 0.5 space. Second, you can do it in some backwoods-ass high-sec or low-sec space. Third, you can use alts in various ways, such as for keeping an eye on local for advance warning, and if you see hostile parties show up and start scanning, you can activate a decoy filament using an insured, throwaway cruiser. Fourth, you can switch to setups that are EHP-based, as opposed to active tank-based. Fifth, you can tone down the bling to offset their profitability calculation. Sixth, you can use a HAC with an assault damage control. The list goes on and on.

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I understand you what you said about possibilities i can do to prevent that even though as you said it takes time when u exit abyss for server to respond back for you to activate the warp. But i still think that my idea is good and should be implemented to the game. It doesnt matter where you move to activate the filament LS, HS , Null …WH they will find u eventually, they can even make a agreement with other players saying hey we know that guy we ganked him and he is using blingy fit you let me in your space we kill him and u can get the loot. There is no safe space in EVE thats how this game works. And in order to prevent something like this easy ganks they do i think there should be atleast small chance for victim to get away from being ganked.

Then the market has spoken.

Stop running tier 5 sites in blinged-out boats. You can cut your costs by two-thirds, and run tier 4 sites instead. You’ll still come out ahead compared to the people who keep running tier 5 sites and getting ganked.

Also, no ganker will follow you to null-sec, and highly unlikely to follow you to low-sec since in low-sec, you have viable counter-play options in terms of being able to attack the gankers with an alt (or even better, a friend) before they can attack you. Maybe you should stop focusing all of your attention on farming ISK in an NPC corporation, and focus on upping your social game instead.


make it so when u dc or logout the timer stops and you wont take any dmg until you come back… saves time and isk/money/headache

also have an option to abandon the abyssal if you are not in combat so if you have 2 leave for some reason early you could do that and make it if u do that then you get no loot…

also i would not mind if i exit the abyssal im un-targetable till i warp off so no random gankers can kill me… i mean im in a pve ship/fit why should I have 2 deal with pvp then? if I want some pvp I go lowsec… let me farm in pace…

You were doing so well, right up until that final paragraph. :cry:

also incise the timer to 25min so players wont get blown up by bad luck

I just need to point out that you moving Will not deter a gank. Moving ships gets ganked all the time.

It might actually work better in their favor since you could move enough to land in their optimal range for damage.

Some people…

make it so that players can go into abyssal from station that would be the best… saves time warping around