ABYSS abusing

For how long CCP will be closing their eyes on that players are abusing the mechanics of farming dungeons in high sec? Players are exiting level 4-5 dungeon in high sec and if someone is waiting for them upon exiting the dungeon they are jumping straight into a lower level dungeon. Afterwards they would wait for their aggression timer to finish and come out safe and sound. Please make a minute agro upon exit, so that pilots would not be able to jump straight into a new dungeon. If you are giving high rewards for something like this it also should have a high risk.


You are complaining because smart players are using game mechanisms to their advantage, hell they have my respect for working this out, all power to them. Great stuff.


get gud.

L2 wait and do it old fashioned style, concordokken FTW.


CCP is looking into this. But I suspect they are not unhappy about these loop holes, as it protects the whales. It was reported long before it went live now, including all the other reported but not fixed bugs.

BTW, this trick works in lower sec too, just chain lvl1s started out of invulnerability until the hunter gives up waiting for you. Not sure whether a bubble can stop this.

EDIT: one thing, you can bump a victim while still invulnerable and disturb a warp/escape attempt.


But it’s not right. It should not work like this.


What do you mean, the bumping? :wink:

I think they will fix it in a couple of days or weeks.

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You’re assuming CCP understands PVP and the implications of their changes. That may be slightly optimistic.


!00% agreed and correct.

What’s funny is when players complain about Bumpers and Suicide Gankers, they’re told it’s all legal and game mechanics are working as intended.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, all of a sudden it’s a broken game mechanic that’s being exploited? In this game what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.


Anyone tryed to drop MTU or mobile depot next to them? Starting anchoring new citadel next to the beacon should work 100%, IMHO :wink:


I have kinda noticed that for the Eve forums bad mechanics enable people to escape and good mechanics enable people to easily catch stuff.

But what impressed me was that it was smart people who worked it out and the easy kill brigade don’t have an easy high value kill and they are upset.

And did you notice in other threads people calling for 4/5’s to be removed from hisec. Hell they are damn difficult to do, in fact doing them is a bloody great risk in itself, why are they so bitter all the time? It gets me at times.


Just drop a mtu or other thing close to abysseal trace and he cannot return

Do jetcans also work? Guess not but thought I ask.

Also what about anchoring a secure container (if the system’s sec rating permits anchoring that is)?

Sounds interesting, did you try it? Not sure if you can anchor something close to the beacon. Hadn’t the time yesterday to test all these shenanigans.

Why do you think it is wrong and should not work like this?

It’s clearly against the intention of the mechanic and CCP has said so. The suspect flag is there to add risk and make players running the higher sites in highsec vulnerable to other players. The current way it is implemented fails to meet the design intention and thus will be iterated on and fixed at some point in the near future.

This is a non-issue. CCP was under pressure to get this expansion out the door this week and this is one of the things that slipped through the cracks. It isn’t game breaking and will be fixed soon, so thanks OP for making the defect known, but there is no need to stomp your feet like a child and cry “abuse”.


Well, it is funny, it looks like CCP wanted to create a nice gank location in the hi sec. The victim is easily predicted, is always alone when pops out of the abyssal and flies a t2 cruiser hull at max, and is probably worth a few billions in equip and implants. And then the some one complains that the victims found a way to escape the gank. Humans at their best.


Frankly if there is no way to escape the gank on exiting from abyssal, lvl1-3 will be run exclusively in the high sec by solo players and the rest will be run in the space controlled by alliances and corporations., i.e. not a solo content as someone will have to watch local / new whs.

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And even in the high sec there will be gangs of cheap destroyers waiting on the poor solo player to pop out of the abyssal space.

No, there won’t.


Not at all. There are hundreds of empty systems even in highsec where you will have no problem popping into a site unnoticed, not to mention several other strategies to deal with mitigating the risk on exit with friends or alts. Almost no one, aside from the completely clueless who don’t understand what a suspect timer even is, will ever be caught - way, way more will die in the T4/T5 sites themselves than will ever be snagged by player hunters in highsec upon exit.

Yes, running the higher level sites in highsec may be more annoying as you will have to move around more, but even a solo player will have to be very unlucky to be caught by a player randomly looking for Abyssal site runners unless they chain run them for hours in a busy system.

I hope CCP gives us these metrics at some point, maybe at an Eve Vegas presentation?