Abyss Escaping: Easy Solution

(Fzhal) #1

I totally understand the predicament that the developers put themselves in. A person should not be able to be attacked before they have loaded the grid, hence the invulnerability timer. Also, they shouldn’t be required to wait long before entering a new Abyssal instance.

I think that this can be fixed with some very simple changes. (I have not read all of the threads, so someone may have said something similar already.)

  • Activating a filament ends any invulnerability timer.
  • Activating a filament starts a 10-second timer, and the filament is not used unless 10 seconds passed without being targeted. (Ship is configuring itself to enter Abyssal space.)

PSA: You can safely ignore the suspect timer from running level 4/5 in highsec
ABYSS abusing
(R4d1o4ct1v3) #2

30 second cooldown timer on filaments after the invulnerability ends.

This is not rocket science.

(Ildrara) #3

Or leave it alone. Suicide gankers preach nothing but game mechanics ad nauseum. What is wrong with PVE players using game mechanics? Eventually they will either run out of filaments or be forced to enter a type/tier they are not prepared for. Gank them or they will eventually gank themselves.

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #5

I just assumed this was an oversight. Otherwise why give them suspect timer at all if they weren’t meant to be vulnerable after leaving higher tier sites?

(Ildrara) #6

Okay? Using game mechanics makes me a trolling hater? Do you often use game mechanics to your advantage? Are you a trolling hater? Pot meet kettle I guess.

Kinda like -10 players staying tethered in high sec or being able to dock while suspect.

(Fzhal) #7

Has to be an oversight.

(Tristan Valentina) #8

I mean if you really want to kill them just keep camping. Sooner or later they will make a mistake and then think of all the loot they will lose!

Sorry but these complaints might literally be the dumbest I have seen in EVE. Ahhh the player is playing the game and you cant kill them exactly when you want to!! So sad!!

(QuakeGod) #9

Like this one that got ganked upon leaving an Abyss instance. And there are many, many more like it on Zkill…

(Donna Hale) #10

As it was suggested on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8nnprf/legally_killing_abyssal_site_runners_a_highsec/)
just drop a mobile depot next to the beacon.

(Vekitsu) #11

If a ships enters the instance, why not have the beacon disappear until it’s done?
People should form fleets to guard the exit and gank the gankers…

(Dark Engraver) #12

Arguing over badly designed and implemented junk…

(Fzhal) #13

True. Similar to trying argue with people who have never run any Anyssal sites nor read the threads from our testing on Sisi…

(system) #14

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