Idea for accidental log off

The game sometimes kicks you out for no reason, and it can even happen while you’re doing things that are pretty dangerous. So if you’re doing things like abyssal filaments just give the player invincibility since i lost about 100 mil because of that and i don’t want any other players to have the same issue.
Tl;dr give players invincibility instead of warping them into the abyss if they are doing abyssal filaments since that just kills them instantly, if their game crashes or disconnects them

So I can pull my internet plug to be invincible. Sounds great.

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i didn’t mean it like that… i just got angry that i lost 30- ish mil because of the game disconnecting me and warping me into the abyss which ended up killing me. -shorter version is- i don’t wanna die because of the game disconnecting me

The problem is there is no way to tell an accidental disconnect from a deliberate one.

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i didn’t know that.

i have a question for you by the way. Do you know worm fits that cost under 100 mil and can be used in t3 abyss

I use Cruisers when I abyss, so can’t help there, try in the PvE section of the forums, someone may be able to help there.

how expensive is the fit ? and what ship is it ? idk it might help me

Gila, standard passive T2 fit, a few hundred million including hull from memory. It’s not very fancy.

that’s kinda out of my budget, by a lot. sorry if i’m annoying by this point but how did you farm for the fit and ship ?

The fastest way to get rich is to hook up with a nullsec alliance and use their space to krab PvE combat sites for around 45m isk per hour. once you’ve spent a year there you’ll have plenty of isk and you can leave 'em and go do your own thing.

Your best bet when trying new things is the test server.

As long as you have the skills to fly a ship, you can try anything for pretty much no entry cost.

That’s how I got used to flying my worm and dealing with Devoted Knights and Tesseras that sometimes show up on T1s, and are quite deadly if you aren’t careful.

The Gila has various different fits fot the different abyss environments, so you can play around withthem until you find one that suits your playstyle. :slight_smile:

They could also join the USIA and run missions and be paid handsomely for it.

how hard are the combat sites there. and what do i need

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