Abyssal Space, Allow E-Warp


(Christopher AET) #1

Emergency Warp is currently disabled in abyssal space and while I can understand the reasons it has made people susceptible to socket closures becoming immediate death sentences. The reason why it was disallowed was to prevent people bailing out of it got too hot, however this is solving what would be a small problem by introducing a much larger problem.

The solution would be to allow E-warp in abyssal space, but not stop the 20 min timer. That way people cannot hide in abyssal space long term as an exploit, but would also stop the no doubt hundreds of tickets (my own included) relating to losses that are not the fault of the player. Yes if someones internet went down, or the server did the ship would be lost, however if a client bugs out (and the current build is not particularly stable) for around 2 minutes they still have a chance to recover. It would cut down on the time allowed but this again would drastically reduce frustration on the part of players and workload for the GM’s.

(Krysenth) #2

Sure, let the game emergency warp you away, right into the boundary limit and your ship explodes anyways \o/

(Marcus Gideon) #3

That’s what I was thinking. You can’t leave the play area or you’re dead. So an E-warp would definitely send you outside the play area. Which means when you log back in, you’ll be able to watch your ship get crushed.

(Eternal Montage) #4

Lol… couldn’t the devs stop that from happening?

(Krysenth) #5

Why would they? They made abyssal space this way for a reason.

(Eternal Montage) #6

So people don’t lose their ship on a disconnect

(Krysenth) #7

You understand how socket closures are dealt with by EVE right? Even if you disconnect via socket closure, you are not disconnected from the game immediately. You stay in space/connected until you relaunch the client. Only then would your ship begin to warp off in the first place, if it’s even capable of it. Depending on how quickly you can restart the client, odds are you’re already dead from the damage coming in.

(Eternal Montage) #8

Leave that to the lawyers.

Point is no one should lose a ship due to a disconnect in the abyss.

(Marcus Gideon) #9

Close… You stay in space until the server realizes you’re gone. Usually about 5 min. And then it tries to E-warp you off to some random safe point. Then your ship remains out there for about 5-10 min more, and then you finally despawn. During all of that time, your enemies can continue to attack your defenseless ship. If they have Point on you, your ship will not do the warp off part. If they have Combat Probes, then can find it after it comes to rest in that “safe point” out there, and then go back to attacking you before you finally despawn.

(Marcus Gideon) #10

Point is, it’s a challenging timed event. If you can’t take the challenge, and/or you can’t complete it within the time allotted, then you lose your ship.

Working as intended


(Old Pervert) #11

E-warp wouldn’t save you, as was said, you’ll take damage until you log back in or the server removes your ship from space.

More to the point, this would be easily abused.

■■■■, I’m about to lose my ship… I only need like 5 more seconds for my anci to reload. Yank the ethernet cable out, wait for socket close, log back in, e-warp back onto grid, using said warp landing time to finish the reload on my anci. Ship loss avoided.

(Christopher AET) #12

Server stability really shouldn’t count as the challenge.

(StonerPhReaK) #13

If the server weren’t stable there would be hundreds of these topics. However, and luckily, that is not the case. Allowing e-warp from abyss space is a bad idea and goes against how they (CCP) designed the space to be used in the first place.

(Eternal Montage) #14

I guarantee CCP does this or something like it. It just make sense.

(Christopher AET) #15

Yet still, socket closure through no fault of ones own should not be part of game design when it can be so easily mitigated against.

(Christopher AET) #16

I expect so. I am sure that it would be trivial to make the boundary area only a few thousand KM thick. Thin enough that ewarp would put you outside of it, but thick enough you could not MWD outside the area before you are crushed by it.

(Sylvia Kildare) #17

Or… just e-warp the ship back a pocket. if you get socket disconnect in room 3, it e-warps you back to room 2. if you socket disconnect in room 2, it e-warps you back to room 1.

if you socket disconnect in room 1… well, you pray that you are able to reconnect as quickly as I did the other day when I got a socket disconnect message the moment I entered a new site (t2, fortunately) and before I could turn on my repper and AB (unfortunately)… and managed to get back in ~45-60 seconds later with 20% armor and save my ship with overheated reps/AB out of the pack of 20+ rogue drone frigs.

So yeah, wouldn’t have helped me the other day, but at least would help in case of room 2 or room 3 D/C.

(Brisc Rubal) #18

Long time no see, bro! o7

I will ask if there are any plans to create some kind of failsafe for abyssal space for socket closures. If not, I will suggest they do that.

(Old Pervert) #19

And yet, there is no way to know when something is a legitimate socket close and when someone yanked the cable.

“■■■■, I’m about to lose 3 bil.” /yank cable, wait for downtime. Embarrassing 3b lossmail avoided.

All their server sees is a lost connection. How, why, it doesn’t see. While I can understand the frustration of an undeserved lossmail, the impact of a failsafe would most certainly be greatest in the people who simply avoid logging into that toon until after downtime.

(Specia1 K) #20

I dunno. I crashed doing a site last night and thought for sure I was losing my ship and pod. Managed to make it back in and completed. There was no site timer indicator when I came back in so I can’t say how much time I had left.


It is a tough call to make, as it could be abused. I would say NO if you are scrammed/pointed. I don’t know if it is possible to code in a pause in the timer, but that might be a compromise if you got an extra 5 minutes or so to reconnect.