Abyssal deaspace and disconnections

Recently I experienced a loss of a ship and implants in an abyssal deadspace due to a disconnection and my ship and pod auto flying into oblivian outside the abyssal boarder.

Now although I agree there should always be a risk verses reward but lossing everything for the sake of a few million isk due to a drop in connection seems a bit extreme as the game will kick you out due a momentary loss in connection forcing you to reload and reconnect.

To help prevent loss in an abyssal deadspace due to a diconnection I have a suggestion for what happens in an abyssal deadspace during a disconnection:

In the event a disconnect occurs for all capsuleers in the abyss, the action in the abyss is paused but NOT the abyssal timer ready for reconnect, this would offer a chance to recover from a disconnect.

This “pause” would only occur if all pilots in a single abyssal instance have disconnected and would only affect ships (movement, regen, etc) in the abyssal and the instance timer would carry on ticking. This would mean no benifit for disconnecting deliberatliy, wont affect pilots outside the instance and if another fleet members jumps in it restarts heavily reducing using disconnects to wait for help.

Easier solution, don’t run abyssals if you don’t want the risk. Problem solved.

Inside the Abysss, always use the Q-key and place the location you want your ship to approach to. If you disconnect in approach mode, the ship will continue approaching the location, overshoot it as usual and then turn around and reapproach it, and overshoot it again and then reapproach and so on, until it’s within a certain treshhold, where it will hold the position until a new movement order is given.


Definatley useful information,
Since my first loss due to disconnect I use this as well as other navigation options including using structures as navigation points (orbit, approach, etc).
The reason for not just using Q is it doesn’t support speed tanking if you disconnect and come to a stop it makes you a sitting duck if there is more than one enemy ship.
Any other suggestions are welcome

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In which case - if you are speed tanking then use Orbit - but try and find the sweet spot between distance and speed. The limiting factor is normally alignment: how fast the ship can turn - fast aligning ships can orbit closer and faster than slow aligning ships.

I’m an Amarrian pilot flying a dual-rep Sacrilege. I ain’t normally speed tanking but I will evade damage by traversal where I can.

You have my sympathy - I had a disconnect in an Abyssal site a few years back - reconnected to find I was comfortably into the red hashed boundary. I just got back with both reps running hard and managed to fight my way through the rest. Lucky rather than planned.

I understand completely why CCP don’t refund unless they see that the disconnect was triggered by something inside their infrastructure - “oops, I’m going to die here - better pull the network cable so I can get my ship back” does change the risk equation unreasonably.
I made the choice of spending a little more for a reliable ISP - I’ve not had a disconnect for about four years now.