Abyssal disconnections

friends and me in our first attempt at an abyssal deadspace site, everythings going well until we get to the third room. ive got reps up they have reps up for me, until suddenly we all disconnect. looking at the sever logs about half the community disconnected at once. we got back in within a minute just in time to see our dps friend explode while i in my logi sat at about 20% armor. put in a ticket siting server disconnect and get told nope, not our problem, if you ask again you will be punished. anything else i can do?

CCP has the policy to never reimburse Abyssal losses. Take the risk or move to something else.

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As tipa mentioned, doesnt matter the reason for DC. Your end, their end, something lags, DC happens somewhere between you and CCP, they will not reimburse. The DC may not have been on CCP but somewhere in the chain between players and them.