Abyssal deadspace socket closed

I have had three or four of these in the past couple of days and every time its in the abyss. I was able to get out of the others but this one got me… The worst part is it wasn’t on a hard wave either, just a lot of them… lol… I came back to my ship sitting still in space taking full damage and drones pulled in. By the time I had got moving it was too late at that point.

Is this happening to others as well? I’m not getting these disconnects anywhere else in the game and my wifes toon didn’t DC.

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Tranquility claims another victim. This is why I don’t run Abyssal pockets any more. All risk - no reward - and zero reimbursement.

I’ve also noticed that every time this happens and I DC while inside the abyss all channels that I have joined are gone. Only local and corp are there and I have to rejoin any other channel in the chat box.

Chat is a Gong Show so I’m not surprised in the least.

I also had my wifes account running on this same computer as I was using it to watch the WH entrance. It did not disconnect, and to be sure I sent it back to the station but it did not DC or have any connection issues. So it has to be something with the abyss as that is the only place I’ve had this issue.

if you have a client sitting in the background not doing anything it can stay connected even though your internet goes down for a few moments. The client/server are both pretty lazy when it comes to figuring out if they are still connected. Even in space doing something sometimes you can last ~30 seconds or so without DCing during an outage. It’s possible by the time you noticed the DC on your main client the connection was stable enough that the secondary account didn’t DC.

When it comes to DCs in eve my typical advice is to go reset your modem and router, and check for updates. Pretty much every socket closed I’ve had in eve has been one of those.

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Nah, my daughter was right behind me playing WoW with my wife and they didn’t disconnect either. I check the packet loss on our line as well that was 0%… Nothing else in the house dropped except this one client. We have a 1000mb down and 50mb up line in the house and if that modem drops it takes roughly 5 minutes to reset/connect due to the line.

The Eve servers are in London I don’t know where you are in the world but there can also be problems in between you and the server that you wouldn’t see a problem with another game. Although usually when those kinds of problems pop up at least some other players have an issue too.

I haven’t really seen any other players complaining too much about DCs in Abyssal Deadspace so I think it’s easier to focus on things you can check on.

If it keeps happening it could be worth doing a route trace and putting in a bug report, you will probably find more help over here: https://forums.eveonline.com/c/issues-workarounds-localization

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