Normal disconnects in a abyssal site, what happens?

so, i heard that the downtime while you are in a abyssal site just leaves you there and your only way to get out is blowing yourself up o.o

BUT what happens if you just have a normal disconnect? happens the same?
i mean i have a mean router and he likes to boot my pc sometimes off which ofcourse would cause that i disconnect. it happens rarely but, it happens. had anyone a dc in a abyss so far and can tell if it has the same effect like the downtime? or if the timer just stops? or if the timer continues running and ya have then just the time left until ya made it back into the game o-o?

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99% of the time you will lose your ship and pod if you lose connection while running an Abyss instance. Depending on the tier of the Abyss and the amount of time you were disconnected.

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well i only run T1s tho. but good to know that just the timer continues and i would have still the chance to survive x3! and not like downtime like where ya need to blow yaself up ^^
i finish T1s in under 7 minutes and i am at max dced for like 2 minutes. so would be still fine.
but yea in T3 or so would that be probably critical. ccp should stop the abyss timer on casual disconnects >_<!

thx for the reply =3

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If your tank is good and you manage to come back in a remaining available time then nothing is changed with one exception - an Abyss timer icon is missing and you’ll not be able to see the remaining time for the site. Moreover, during the first week, there was a bad scenario that after a dc or client crash your ship continued to fly outside the Abyss borders, where your ship took increased damage. Now it’s fixed looks like. Last time I reentered into the game at the same position where my ship was during the DC.

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