Abyssal Sites and Downtime

I haven’t tested these myself so I’m sorry if my information is wrong or already changed by CCP.

But I wonder whose idea it was to allow downtime to make Abyssal sites safer? Start abyssal site 10:41 and if you don’t make it in time, downtime happens and instead of getting your ship and pod blown up (which should happen in my opinion), your ship is back safely in normal space and not just anywhere, but in a 300AU deepsafe.

Feel free to inform me if these have already been changed. Or leave a comment what you think should happen when you’re in an Abyssal site and downtime starts.

Spawn in a drifter wormhole after dt?

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The next time you log in you spawn in a random null system.

Heh, that would be funny.

Better than in a 300AU deepsafe.

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