Abyssal space/site safety switch?

I wish to know if in the near future there will be a safety switch when players loss there internet connection in an abyss site because from what I understand if 20 min have passed from the activation of the site, the player will just die in the site.
I wish to enjoy the new expansion but because of my poor internet connection (the best in my country) I still loss sometimes my internet connection so I’m unable to enjoy the game expansion. If there is a chance to add a freeze to the timer when a player disconnects that will be very awesome and after the player reconnects (after a limit a time example: 1-2 hours) he/she can continue the site.

I feel I’m asking to much from a “hard” game but this is a issue that can happen anytime, I don’t think someone wants to loss 1-2 Bil isk ship just because of internet connection.

P.S. : I know my english is bad or at least I think it is.


No, simply because it would be abused. If a player running an abyssal instance saw that they were probably not going to be able to complete the site, they could simply turn off their internet connection, wait until after downtime, then log back in and not lose their ship and pod.

I don’t think the OP wants a safe way out of Abyssal Space, he just wants the timer to pause if his internet dies.

When he reconnects he wants to be back in the Abyss where he was with the same time remaining.


I know what the OP wants. It would still be abused nonetheless…

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When he/she reconnect will be in the same site with the timer intact since he disconnected thats all, not a abuse so that anyone can escape.

The instance disappears if you wait until after downtime server reset, that’s what would be abused…

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Thats why i said a time limit to reconnect example 1-2 hours and if the server resets then its just bye bye to the ship and the capsule fair?

That would work. Just don’t run any Abyss sites less than 2 hours before downtime if you have a crappy connection.

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Thats all I want, nothing more from my point of view its fair, anyone can loss there internet connection and ofc it happens right when your don’t want to :slight_smile: .

You have no idea what the OP wants.

The OP is talking about a switch if he losses his connection due to a socket closure or other external reason that lags the site out and causes him to lose his connection.

I had a “Not Responding” message a few days ago after the game froze on me. I closed the game out and then launched again.

I returned to a ship that was still under attack but the Abyssal timer had disappeared.

I know exactly what the OP wants, as you can clearly see if you had bothered to actually read the replies up to this point.

He has a shitty internet connection. OP doesn’t want to abuse the system, but others would.

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It would be cool if it could work, but down time would probably reset the whole thing. If not, it would be a great way to wait out beacon campers.

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Yep, like I said, players would find ways to abuse it…

just make a 10min pause if internet connection is lost npc’s stop attacking and wait for you to come back if 10 minutes have passed they start attacking again or if you log back in, ship doesn’t regen cap or tank during this time either.

Abyssal space is the only area of Eve I could see anything like this working. It is instanced, so presumably the state / progress of each site could be saved when a DC is detected and then reloaded when the player logs on. This could even be done across DT?

Eve was DDOSed so many times during April/May. 90% of players lost their connection. And it’ll happen again. That’s why I won’t risk a blingy ship in the Abyss.

To prevent abuse, maybe limit “disconnect protection” to once a month. Poker tables use disconnect protection for their players while they’re in a hand, but they’re limited in how many times they can use it. If a pattern develops of them abusing this protection to reduce their losses, then they get punished.

Yes exactly. You could also for every ship cruiser or smaller just have a filament in the cargo and if ■■■■ happens you activate the GTFO-filament and logoff until after downtime.

Even if the downtime reset were somehow removed, this would provide a safe way to avoid hostiles. Simply activate the filament and disconnect. Reconnect after hostiles leave system (or the next day) and clear the site.

OP … have you tried using a VPN ? There are free ones out there, which might be crap, but they are good enough for a test. The reason, why I believe trying does not hurt, is because it could be your ISP directly … or it could be a hop on the route to the server, which you might be able to side step by using a VPN.

Just a guess. vOv

No. Go away.

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