Pause Abyssal 20min timer on disconnects FOR UP TO AN ADDITIONAL 20min

Title is pretty much it. Kinda sucks how many ships i’ve lost due to internet issues, though on the bright side I can now properly commiserate with Aussies.

Not suggesting anything fancy, nor big changes. Everything remains exactly the same as is now except the timer gets paused for up to something like 20mins to give players a chance to reconnect.



So I can pull the plug and wait for server reset if I don’t like how it’s going?

What? Can you read?

Everything remains exactly the same as is now except the timer gets paused for up to something like 20mins to give players a chance to reconnect.

How the hell did you get the idea that im suggesting a way to deactivate the session entirely?

Hey, it’s a risk you take. If you disconnect due to a DDOS, you might have a shot at asking for reimbursement of the loss, because it’s a direct cause of the DDOS. But I don’t like the idea of pausing your Abyssal timer.

If I have an alt watching my Trace, and I see it getting blobbed, I can just “disconnect” from the game and force the gankers to just sit there for an extended period of time. I would stay disconnected long enough to probably trick the gankers into thinking my Trace is bugged, so they leave. At which point, I log back in and continue my pocket without a single worry.

This whole idea comes across as a “I’m pretending it’s internet issues, but I’m actually just doing it to avoid getting ganked” idea. I don’t dig it.


It’s a game thing. Things reset at downtime.

Because at downtime sites all reset etc. So because of this you could pull the plug and leave yourself offline to downtime to get a reset. It’s just how it works, as part of the memory purge routines.

This has been brought up before. Get better internet. in 10 years I can count well, I’ve never lost a ship due to a disconnect. I can count on one hand the number of disconnects I’ve had over the years.

You know going in that this is a risk of running these sites. Much like it’s a known risk if you use a marauder in bastion mode and DC you won’t emergency warp off either.

I raised a comprehensive proposal on this topic some time ago - numerous concerns were raised, a lot of back-and-forth, lots of revisions. Ultimately it fizzled. You might want to look over the thread.

The OP states it should be paused for something like 20min, dont see how things resetting at DT is relevant.

I’m going to propose something that you will find difficult if not impossible to comprehend. People exist that are not you, who have entirely different situations and circumstances. I doubt it’ll get through but one can hope.

Thats silly.

I took the time to scout you and make sure you run an expensive Abyssal ship. I took the time to organize a fleet to gank you on exit.

I wont take the time to wait another 10-20min for the trace to despawn to make sure you died in there and wont be popping out.

Makes 0 sense.

Irrelevant. CCP makes all kinds of content for EVE. Some is more disconnect friendly than others. If you don’t have a connection stable enough to safely play some content, then don’t choose it.

I sometimes cannot run these sites myself. Not because of my internet. Sometimes it is simply because I may have a little time to play, but I cannot guarantee I am not going to get interrupted by my kids or wife and have to log. I don’t whine about how abyssal sites are not conducive to my RL circumstances. I simply do other content (such as a mission, or some exploration, or grab a frigate for a quick suicide roam).

So in fact i think you have your statement backwards. CCP made abyssal sites the way they did on purpose. I guarantee they even thought about the fact that sometimes people disconnect. It adds high risk, for higher rewards. It is exacly because I know there are people other than me that I am not asking for a change simply to suit my situation.

Unsurprisingly your mind simply cannot wrap itself around this concept. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

So I reconnect then DC again. Consider how long 20 minutes can be stretched out to if it’s in 5 second chunks with 15 minutes between each chunk.
And if now you come back with ‘well clearly it’s a global timer then’ we are getting into the rule of ‘If you have to add lots of restrictions for this idea to work, it’s a bad idea’.

I’m enjoying that we’re devolving into dismissing criticisms as “makes 0 sense.”

Wouldn’t that also mean they’d not despawn, thus someone else doesn’t get to run one?

Could you at least please consider that your idea might be bad, instead of assuming it’s automatically good because it’s making sense to you and everyone else is stupid?

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