Abyssal Disconnect Bug Needs to Be Fixed

When you are disconnected from the server while running an abyssal filament, there is no safety mechanism to prevent a player from losing his or her ship and pod due to no fault of their own. This is a serious game defect that needs to be addressed by the developers. In any other PvE situation you will auto warp to a safe spot and be able to log back in with little risk of a ship loss. In the abyss, however, you simply lose everything. Very poor design. Why not simply freeze the timer until the player can log back in?!?


This has been discussed ad nauseum. Unfortunately there are more components to consider when trying to fix anything in EVE.

As an example, say you simply put a timer pause on DC. Now you have an alt scout at the entrance to the site, and you see there are gankers camping waiting for you to exit. so you Alt-F4 your client so the timer pauses so you can wait until they lose interest and leave.

There are many PVE activities in EVE. Some have higher rewards and higher risks. If you are prone to disconnects, those higher risk activities may not be the best for you.

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I just started running abyss so I’m not entirely sure this works for higher levels (I’m doing t1-t2). I always set an orbit on something. When I get disconnected orbit will maintain. I learned this after losing a 200 hawk flying into the red

if you run out of time on level 3 and below you should just be spit back out with nothing instead of losing everything.

First of all, I think it is wise to take your advice and not run abyssal sites. I know a lot of people have decided to not do the abyss because of this very issue. That, however, is bad for the game overall.

Second of all, I agree that players would take advantage of a timer pause and disconnect if their alt saw gankers waiting for them to come out of the abyss. However, the use of alts is very much a part of EvE just as high sec ganking is. EvE is designed that way. Losing to a disconnect, however, is not part of the game design. It is a game defect.

The simple and reasonable solution is to add a timer pause on disconnection. It will improve the quality of game play for everyone.

No, it is a part of online gaming. If you have connection issues there are lots of areas of many online games that are less than optimal to play.

If you are disconnecting enough that it’s an issue, then abyssal sites may not be the best content for you. I for one haven’t had a disconnect in EVE in years.

Indeed some games do not take well if you have connection issues, such is life. For example if you play CSGO and play in competitive mode and you disconnect (and if recall correctly do not reconnect in time) you will be automatically suspended from competitive mode temporarily after a few cases and the more it happens the longer you are suspended and the sooner it occurs.

  1. your ship will not die via emergency warp as you would under normal conditions in the Abyss

  2. If you do die via disconnect CCP is far more lenient about reimbursement and when they do they reimburse all of the ship (including items that “drop”, as it is all destroyed in the Abyss

The worst case is if you are using manual piloting as that will cause you to possibly burn out of the boundary so it is safest to use orbit commands. Also if you are with a team a quick member can hop into squad command position and order a regroup before the server notices your disconnect and save you.

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