Abyssal Disconnects

So, a little backstory here, but I was running an Abyssal when my internet decided to die. I therefore couldn’t log in and got blown up after 20 minutes of not being able to reconnect. A painful loss really but I do understand why you remain in the site. The reimbursement policy doesn’t allow for these situations.

So, for situations like socket disconnects or complete loss of network I have a suggestion.

If you disconnect, for whatever reason, instead of keeping the timer going. Warp the player out. Upon return, put them back at the start of the abyssal. This would allow genuine issues like network loss to pickup from the site without the cost of 800+ mill.

It would also prevent people from deliberately closing the client to get out of the site.

I appreciate it might not be a common problem but thoughts?

And how is that not going to be abused? everybody will just claim that their internet died on them and demand compensation for it. Abyssal space is a closed pocket of space so there is no warping out.

Did you consider what you could do minimize the chances of connection failure?

  • Do you use WiFi or Cable?
    • WiFi have higher chances of causing a “Socket Closed”.
    • Cable connection to your Router is best and the recommended option.
  • Do you have programs running in the background that uses alot of bandwidth?
    • Consider to close those programs.
    • Limit the bandwidth that the background programs can use.

CCP is not responsible for any problems there may be between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and you, try do a Network test/Speed test when you get connection-drops if they are common you should take it up with your ISP.

My side of the network was fine. The ISP on the other hand had an outage.

I was trying to work out how this would be abused and couldn’t think of anything. Compensation is null and void, as the original post suggested. You wouldn’t lose the ship but you also would have to remain within the site so upon return, you’re back at room 1

Only for a reminder to those who are reading here:

“Oh ■■■■, I’m gonna die…”

unplugs network cable

No, -1


You’re running out of time or otherwise screwed up, you deliberately disconnect and start again.

Congrats, you’ve made a reset button.

Windows 10: Quiet Time, update issue solved.

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