Abyssal Deadspace disconnection solution


I know for a fact that CCP does not require to reimburse anything to a player due to having issues with internet as mention in https://community.eveonline.com/support/policies/eve-online-reimbursement-policy-en/

“Any losses attributable to problems with a player’s system (i.e. computer, internet connection, etc.) or any system owned by a third party are not eligible for reimbursement.”

My solution would be: If player disconnect while in the Abyssal Deadspace make it so that the player’s ship automatically removed from it.

Do you have any other solution/idea for this problem?

perhaps the timer stops and ship become inviolable until next downtime or until player return to the game?

I got best possible internet connection in the UK but still lose connection sometimes for a few minutes for god knows why… and it does not matter which internet provider I go to since ALL of them has outages sometimes… 99.99% of the time my internet is fine… but there is that 0.01% of the time when I got a problem and if I happen to be in the Abyssal when I lose internet connection due to my internet provider then I can’t do much about that… I can’t be sitting in the station 24/7 and do nothing because of I’m afraid that if I do Abyssal I lose my ship due to disconnection… however the problem is that T4-T5 Abyssal Deadspace require a somewhat expensive modules/implants (500m - 7b isk) to run then quick and smoothly… I know you can possibly do a T5 Abyssal in a cheaply fitted ship (100m - 500m isk) but it is not easy/reliable to do so

in a lvl 4 missions if you disconnect your ship automatically warps off unless warp scrambled… so you dont really need to worry about random disconnections…

If I lose my ship due to me making a mistake then I’m fine with that… however if I lose my ship due to my internet provider then I can’t simply afford to replace it every single time…

that is why I say we need a solution for this issue like pause the timer/NPCs until log back in so it does not matter if you lose internet connection because you can just simply log back in latter and continue the abyssal run no problem…

also just in general it would be nice to be able to pause abyssal run for what ever reason ex.: I had postman knocking at my door when I was half way in the abyssal… I had no idea when he come and can’t say to him “ohhh please wait 5 minute while I finish my abyssal run” so I had to jump up and take my packages then rush back to my PC and skip every single loot just to be able to complete it on time…

in a lvl 4 mission I can just simply warp off if I have to go for what ever reason effectively “pause” it…


“Oh no, I’m not going to finish the site in time!”

*Yanks internet cable*


If you not sure you will finish it and afraid to lose a ship - dont do it.

Yep, this guy is totally correct, no refunds is the only way to counter it. Eve is not a safe comfort zone, you know.


I see your point however when there is a internet outage it is usually being reported on websites by other people publicly… so if the loss mail time lines up with the outage report times then it can be safly assume it is indeed a genuine disconnection…

so therefore it is possible to tell if player in question is genuine or not

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Outtages can vary.

On that picture you posted, it’s not like there is 100% uptime all the time and whenever there is an outage it is 100% down. What is supposed to be the cutoff? If you have only 5 experiencing an outage are they not then entitled for reimbursement?

Aside from the fact, that these graphs are not available for every possible region. Seems like a lot of extra work that CCP needs to do for very little gain.

The easier thing to do, is just to say that the users internet is the responsibility of the user.

do you have any other suggestion/idea for this problem?

perhaps the timer stops and ship become inviolable until next downtime or until player return to the game?

I just gave you the solution.

The easier thing to do, is just to say that the users internet is the responsibility of the user.

If you have unstable internet, look for alternative ISPs or complain to your current ISP. Unstable internet is a non-EVE related issue.

Other than that, always fly what you can afford to lose.

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How do you guys disconnect? I’m living in the Australian internet life and y’all having worse internet issues than I am

Get better internet please

What about making Abyssal Deadspace off-line? It’s instanced anyways.

“Hey, what if we made it trivially easy to cheat and auto-win every abyssal site, can do we do that?”



So pause the timer then.

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So CCP can hire a team of people to find out each player who gets disconnected ISP and then investigate outages?

Reason #459653407654305807524309875642309875602348754 to remove instanced content, inch becomes a mile and entitlement ensues.


Heres a better idea, if someone disconnects in the abyss, the room and everything in it will just pause until the player comes back. You cant cheat that, except maybe to clear ur head and think of a strategy, which you probably shouldve done beforehand. This prevents people from dying to random disconnects that are usually not their fault, but also doesnt let people who want to live when they should die cheat the abyss


See a hostile ship outside the abyss waiting for you (using your scout alt), pull the cable and pause the site until they leave and it’s safe to exit.

And this. Instanced content was an idiotic decision, just get rid of it entirely.


My very first abyssal dead-space was an experience the game dropped me, got back in found the timer was still going with not enough time to finish. Lost the ship and my implants which cost a lot more than the ship.

I decided at that point they weren’t really worth bothering with.


So your suggestion is that CCP should be responsible for validating purported internet outages in the vicinity of Eve players?

I mean, that’s clearly insane and there’s a zero percent chance of it happening.


Why is there DED Marshals in T2 Abyss. Sorry for derailing but why


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Eve isn’t that easy to hack. “Legacy Code” among other things.

Anything that is 100% client-side can and will be hacked. Remember, you don’t need to make your own copy of the game, you just need to set the player’s damage to 99999999999 and effortlessly win.