ADD a safety timer after entering the abyssal site plz!

I just lost my loved gila due to the freeze of entering the abyssal site. I was stuck on the entering wormhole animation for about 1 mins, when the wormhole animation finally ended my character had already died and reborn in my home station. It even doesn’t show me the final moment of my death in the space ! As a elite abyssal hunter we are experienced and prepared to face all the potential risks and dangerous in this site but not this kind of dead. this kind of game experience are just ruining this great abyssal game play. But you can just easily fix it with a safety timer at the beginning, just like every time jump into a new system. this could be very important cause you wont lose your ship because of the ■■■■ freeze which causing you even dont have the time to active the modules,resist , boosters… …

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I know it might sound as a revelation, especially to “elite abyssal hunter the VII”, but its called lag, and is quite a common occurence in most online games.

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when you first enter the abyssal dead space all your modules are deactivated, that status are extremely dangerous in high end abyss site cause some of the enemies can one hit overhit you to let you return to your home station.Thus even a few seconds lag can be extremely unfair ~

Don’t you get the one minute Invul timer on jump in?

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I’m 99.9% sure that this already exists. Its what prevents the NPCs from targeting you in the first room until you start moving or activate a module.

Unless you are talking about instating it as a visible timer, like the abyss-death counter or gate-cloak?

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Any game logs? Did you get “socket closed”? Did the process of your death get logged in the logs?

There is 20 minutes timer on the deadspace itself, and one minute invulnerability timer just like stargate/wormhole jumps. Still in worst situations, your client may be blocked for more than one minute by some unresponsive method calls. I checked Engine Tools->Outstanding Calls and it seems lag correlates with unresponsive calls.

The lag resolution mechanism is still a mystery to me and I haven’t fully understood it yet.

Lag really depend on your internet quality. So improving your internet connection is one option.

For my past experience, avoid opening Personal Assets, Market, the Agency windows during a system change, because those windows could auto refresh upon a system change and take a long time to make queries for the data they need to (re)display.

Edit: CCP had been aware of this kind of lag for 8 years, but the network mechanics is still almost the same…

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On a note, Windows 10 will by default try to share all Windows updates with the rest of the world. When this option is not turned off can a few new Windows updates bring down your Internet connection and so mess up your game.

Check that you have this setting turned off as well as no other downloads running or anything else that can cause a temporary lockup of your connection.

See here for how to turn this setting off.


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