Exiting abyssal when timer ends

so not sure exactly how it works, since I’ve only really done a few Abyssal sites.
my latest travel through abyssal dead space i had started jumping to exit (where it changes your view to when you pass through jump gate) but while it started doing the jump screen abyssal timer ran out and killed my ship and pod. do i have to be entirely in regular space to be safe or should it have been when i started jumping i should have been safe from timer?

Yeah, you need to have undergone the session change before the timer finishes. I too have jumped with ~5 seconds left and blow up up before the animation finished.

okay thank you

I had heard somewhere that they were going to change it so that you’d be safe as long a you had hit the jump button before the timer expired, but I guess that never made it in game.

It’s somewhere in between. I hit the jump button with ten seconds to spare last night and was still showing myself in transition long after the timer expired, but I guess I had already been handed off and was safe. I was sweating it like mad.

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