Abyss defence from Server-wise problem

Hello everyone, first of all I want to apologize for my very poor English, I am using google translator hoping that he will write logical things.
I’m here to propose a simple request: Make time stop during an Abyss when the server has line problems (attention: Server, no client disconnection). Why this? simple, the last few days that the CCP has received one DDoS attack after another, I have seen (and with me really many other people) losing their ship in Abyss for not their fault. The customer service has refunded me the ship and implants being their problem (perfect!) However the wait has been and is still long (I’m waiting for the third refund for the third DDoS attack). To avoid that both the CCP has to do an additional job (the refund) and the players lose their ship for faults that they do not propose I would make sure that when the server disconnects the time in the abyss stops, as happens when you are in turn that the ship is warped away (in this case it freezes everything). I think it is possible to do it programmatically and I am sure that this would not only benefit the players but also the customer service and therefore the CCP itself.
What do you think? is it possible to petition for this thing?
Thanks and sorry again English!

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DDoS doesn’t always disconnect the server. Often it stops you somewhere short of the server, so the server wouldn’t stop anyway.

i not know the tecnical mechanics.
they must find the programm solution they, i’m not a programmer. What I propose is that abyss time stops when the server has problems, for avoiding a loss of the ship.

I understand your proposal.
What I’m saying is that in none of the recent events would this have changed anything.
The server isn’t having issues.
You connecting to the server is the issue.

ok but i had problem no for my conenction but for the external factor of my pc/ conenction. because my internet was work fine. I write only server wise problem because i thinking CCP want if you have connectio nproblem you die, but for me are ok if in general account disconnect = freeze time for tot minutes

There is a giant area of the internet between you and CCP. This is the area that the DDoS causes issues in.

yup my friends explained how to work ^^ overwise the my idea are general, no only anti DDoS

  1. There is no really any “perfect” DDoS solution. Otherwise giant corporations wouldnt spend hundreds of millions of USD per year trying to mitigate effect of such attacks.
  2. There is no way for server to know whether DDoS attack is happening or not. Freezing time in abyss for every disconnected player in not really feasible (too much stuff to "freeze/save) and most likely to be abused by players.
  3. If you know that there are connectivity issues… why the hell are did you continue to go into abyss and lose more ships? Just to annoy customer service and make players with legitimate problems wait longer?

point 3: i not know ìserver are underattack or sure i not play abyss! i’m not stupid -.-" (i think you can write without going offensive ^^")
point 2: yes the abused by player i thinking up but you can try a soft freeze example freeze time for 2 minutes or not know.
point 1: yes of course but now i write of DDoS attack because are apepar this, if was normal missi fuction of server i write this. are an general issue no specific for DDoS attack.

So you want abyss timer to pause any time you lose connection?
How can the server tell if you did it deliberately to wait for downtime reset to avoid dying.

It’s simple.

EVE from the ground up was not designed for a timed instance activity.

EVE is supposed to be ONE UNIVERSE,

Remove Abyss.


So time in the abyss pauses while time in the rest of EVE marches on.

Just great, so the EVE player waiting outside the trace might have to wait hours?

Now we are going to have a PAUSE BUTTON in EVE.

Remove Abyss.

i agree of you, eve aren’t designed for a timed istance, but now exist, remove abyss i think are extreme solution i hope ccp find another way.

i want a system no penalize me if server have problem of connection. In open space if i lost connection (server problem or client problem) warp me in safe zone (i think all times except for pvp, never try disconnection while i play pvp) . I like a similar system for abyss.
I hope all people in this thread can keep a calm attitude, especially because my English is not so profound as to allow me to explain myself better.



ok i understand in this forum are impossible create an post an speak without trolling.

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Nobody’s trolling you.

In EVE the clock always runs, it never stops, there is no pause.

If you DC, the clock still runs.

NPCs or Players may blow you up.

There is only one world, if the clock stops it stops for EVERYONE.

So rather than call people troll, maybe you should realize that what you are asking for is EXTREMELY SELFISH.

Closed at OP’s polite request.