Tranquility Currently Under DDoS Attack

20200417 - 01:54 EVE Time

Anyone who lost ships due to disconnections resulting from the DDoS attacks should submit a ticket at under the Game Play Support -> Reimbursement -> Lost Ships category and they will be investigated by our hard working Customer Support team.

Please be patient with your requests during these times as a high volume of tickets are generated since a large number of players are usually affected.

20200417 - 01:28 EVE Time

Service should now be restored to the majority of our players. If you are still experiencing connection issues please describe the nature of the problem (including any dialog box messages you get) and what region you’re attempting to log in from - eg: NA, EU etc.

20200417 - 00:28 EVE Time

Tranquility is currently undergoing a DDoS attack which may result in disconnections or failures when attempting to log in. Our team is working on the issue now in conjunction with our partners.

We will continue to update you both in this thread and on the EVE Status Twitter account.

Please bear with us while we work on this matter.



Take your time, and keep a SP give away timer running :slight_smile:


really? again? how long this time

until we bitch enough and get 1/3 the SP we lost in lost time

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One hour and 27 minutes.

CCP suffered a series of DDOS attacks some months ago, that stretched on over so many days that CCP gave everyone some SP in compensation. This new attack has literally just started, so nobody should get their hopes up for free SP if it ends up resolving quickly, through the efforts of their DDOS mitigation service partner.


Marketing, Lawyer, Politician or Reporter? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


quit pissing off all the players then? ._.

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When did we all elect you as spokesperson?


Maybe the players should quit being spoilt brats and lashing out with DDoS attacks just because they didn’t get what they want and suffered a small nerf?
You know, just a thought.


Good timing…my subscription runs out in two days. Time to remember how to play as an Alpha…sure as hell not going to pay for this crap from here on out. Thanks for such an effective last nail in the coffin…



Midwest USA here. No issues with login or playing. Have 2 toons online right now.

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Don’t forget to contract me all your omega only items and ships.

Since you didn’t even bother playing long enough to work out 99% of content is still just fine.

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self appointed :3

Thanks for that.

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New England, US, just logged in fine.

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Good to hear…one less whiner around…


UTC +9 ok now

Germany. No way to connect. since roundabout 1h 30min. GL with problem solving. i take a nap :>