DDoS attack on Tranquility Server - 2020.04.28-29

So it is fairly obvious that there is a DDoS attack going on on the Tranquility server at the moment. It started at approximately 02:30 EVE time and it is still going on at 02:45 EVE time. I can’t log on with any of my accounts, nor or my PC or laptop, nor via land-line or phone shared wi-fi connection. Restart doesn’t work. And active logged on players just dropped from about 25.000 to just 7.000 in 15 minutes. This interrupt came at a bad time for me, as I was in a fight.
How are things for you guys?

DDoS - 2020.04.29

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Same. No go here as well USTZ East Coast

Yes, there are issues with Tranquility right now but we haven’t yet declared the cause.


Just successfully logged back in. No ship lost. Probably time to dock and call it a day.

so is this a situation where we should submitt support ticket dfor loses or just suck it up

Any chance of you adding a pause to the abyss for DC.

Just pause the timer even if it takes a minute for the pause to kick in it’s better than dying with no chance.

It would save the GM a crap tonne of work as you know there’s going to be hundreds if not thousands of tickets put in now for reimbursement.

It would also demotivate troll DDoS. As you know the arseholes are targeting eve because of the event.

Because as much as i liked the idea of the event. As soon as i saw it was coming i was expecting this to happen.

I wish theyou would cause a pause on DC. Zkillboard is full of pepole who died to the abyssal depth in 300m+ ships, plus the cheaper ships who died to npc’s while the player could not reconnect.

Is the server still unstable? Can we go back into the abyssal deadspace now? Or is doing anything with expensive ships (hauling, etc) a bad idea now?

I’ve managed to log back in.

As for doing anything in game i wouldn’t recommend it. We’ve no idea if this is over or a temporary pause.

Booted with a 300m ship in space (fortunately not in Abyssal space). No Joy with trying to log back in.
Southeast USA.

Paying another $10+/mo for VPN service is not going to bode well for paying long-term omega time with me out of work and the spousal unit at 40% of her former pay and the state unemployment system failing to pay anyone anything.

1st world problems.

Well, there goes my evening. Maybe I should go out and do something… oh wait! covid… :stuck_out_tongue:

So many sads.

well well so ccp just pss off another group and kids in a basement an rest of us have to suffer loses do to you ccp doing what… nothing to hardening your garbage basement server. but you love killing industry, and capitals an your latest we dont care about the players that coming. citadels kill off you have made this game suck in so many ways that i cant even count. then theres you triglave op garbage that can kill over 100 bill in a day in caps that is sick why dont you actually make this game fun rather that trash.

yes same with me

That’s not fair. I love salty raaaaggggging as much as anyone but at least have a fair reason. This sucks for CCP as much as for us.


If it’s so bad, why do you keep playing it ?

15:45 UTC - So far, so good !

CCP isn’t responsible for the prior DDOS attacks, I don’t believe they have directly angered anyone for that to be a consequence.

If you dislike something about the game, perhaps a dedicated topic on the forums calmly explaining your grievances would be a benefit for you. There are ISD departments specifically dedicated to flagging posts on the forums to be brought to the attention of the higher ups.

18:38 UTC - Disconnected

18:46 UTC - Disconnected

Several of our staff and clients are reporting connectivity issues as well. They initially suspected it was due to their ISP, but CCP acknowledges it’s an issue with TQ, so I’ll relay the information.

Had this issue a week ago wrote ticket still has not been responded too - and the issue has been intermittent - but now unable to logon at all.

Funniest part of all those reported “DDOS” is that i saw my own EVE ONLINE CLIENT doing DDOS,

  • Sending hundreds of request to connect to chat system within a SINGLE second.

My thought on this is that the client is so much mess up with bad code that they get DDOS by their own client.